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1.Corey Williams Death Row

Corey Williams Free After Being Sentenced to Death at 16 in Louisiana 05.28.18 More than 20 years after he was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death, Corey Williams walked free from Louisiana’s Angola Prison last week.

2.Corey Williams Death Row

Corey Dewayne Williams took a reduced plea last year for his alleged role in a robbery-murder he confessed to at age 16, after an all-night interrogation in police custody. While delivering a pizza to a party in Shreveport on Jan. 4, 1998, Jarvis Griffin, 23, was robbed and shot to death.

3.Corey Williams Death Row

The California Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the murder convictions and death sentence of condemned killer Corey Williams, who notoriously cursed at his victims’ families as he was escorted to death row from a Contra Costa County courtroom in 2000.

4.Corey Williams Death Row

Corey L. Williams is an inmate on death row in the state of California..

5.Corey Williams Death Row

Corey Williams is the kind of person who makes you want to root for him. Sincere, honest and open, he’s a hard worker and a man of few words. And 20 years ago he was sent to death row after a house party ended in the murder of a pizza delivery man. Corey was a…

6.Corey Williams Death Row

Williams was sentenced to death, but his death sentence was vacated six years later after the U.S. Supreme Court declared the use of the death penalty against people with intellectual disability to be unconstitutional.

7.Corey Williams Death Row

In October 2000, Williams was convicted and sentenced to death, even though no physical evidence tied Williams to the crime and he insisted his confession was false. He was later resentenced to life in prison after a judge ruled that Williams was intellectually disabled and thus not qualified for the death penalty.

8.Corey Williams Death Row

Prosecutor apologizes for role in putting an innocent man on death row Under the terms of the plea agreement, filed in a Louisiana district court Monday, his first-degree murder conviction and…

9.Corey Williams Death Row

Such was the world in which Williams was tried and convicted in 1998 by a prosecutor who had already made a name for himself by sending men to death row.

10.Corey Williams Death Row

A rare look inside death row at America’s most famous prison AFTER languishing in San Quentin for 19 years, one prisoner says he’s “ready to die”. First he must endure hell on earth.

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1  Cory Williams Convicted of Murder At Age 16, Louisiana Prosecutors Withheld Evidence of Innocence
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