Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

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1.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

Costco next week will raise its minimum wage to $16 an hour, putting the membership-based retailer’s minimum above that of many rivals. The hearing focused on employee pay at big companies …

2.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

With the bump, Costco will also put some distance between it and its competitors. Last week, Walmart raised its average hourly wage to $15. Similarly, Amazon and Target have set a $15-per-hour level.

3.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

Those bumps occur until employees reach the top of Costco’s scale, which also increases each year. Jelinek also pointed out that Costco employees receive two bonuses each year up to $4,000 combined.

4.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

Previously, Costco’s minimum wage was set at $15. “Although there is a lot of external focus on starting wages and minimums, its important to us that Costco employees have an opportunity to make more than just $15 or $16 an hour,” Jelinek said during his opening remarks .

5.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

The chief executive of Costco waded into the political debate over the federal minimum wage, testifying at a Senate hearing on Thursday that the retailer was raising its starting

6.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

Costco Wholesale Corp. will soon boast the highest minimum hourly wage among its competitors, the company’s CEO told the U.S. Senate Budget Committee on Thursday.

7.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

But Costco seems to have a distinct advantage over its rivals when it comes to shrink. CFO Richard Galanti told Barron’s Andrew Bary that the warehouse chain’s shrinkage amounted to 0.11% to 0.12% …

8.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

Target’s dividend yield of 2.1% outpaces both Walmart’s and Costco’s, along with surpassing the industry average. For the fiscal year 2019, Walmart’s net income of $7.2 billion almost doubled …

9.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

Costco Wholesale’s profits beat Wall Street estimates amid a big bump in existing store traffic, but the warehouse club posted lower than expected revenues amid a strengthening dollar and low…

10.Costco’s bump to $16 beats rivals

Costco is a wholesale retail corporation that was formed during the year 1976 and is headquartered in Washington, United States. It is a popular chain of membership-only warehouses at the global level. This brand is also famous for its retail in organic food, rotisserie chicken, prime beef, and wine.. Costco’s prices have gained a lot of customer to their business.

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1.Costco Lifting Minimum Wage to $16 Per Hour, $1 Over Amazon, Walmart, and Target

Topping some of its major retail industry rivals, Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: COST) CEO Craig Jelinek said Thursday that his company is lifting its minimum wage to $16 per hour. The change will take effect next week,

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