Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

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1.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

A Delta flight made an emergency stop after a passenger attempted to breach the cockpit, an official said Friday. (CNN) A passenger attempted to breach the cockpit of a Delta Air Lines flight from…

2.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

Unruly passenger on diverted Delta Air Lines flight identified as off-duty flight attendant “This is the captain speaking,” a voice can be heard saying in footage of the incident.

3.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

An off-duty Delta Air Lines flight attendant apparently commandeered the intercom on an Atlanta-bound flight Friday night, leading to a scuffle that forced the plane to land in Oklahoma City, an …

4.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

A Delta Air Lines flight was forced to divert Friday because of an unruly passenger, the latest incident in an uptick of poor passenger behavior across airlines. Videos posted to Twitter show a …

5.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

A Delta Airlines flight from California to Georgia was diverted to Oklahoma on Friday night after a passenger became unruly and had to be subdued, CBS Los Angeles reports. Delta confirmed that the …

6.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

A Delta Airlines flight to Tennessee was forced to land in New Mexico on Friday after an unhinged passenger reportedly tried to break into the cockpit. The plane from Los Angeles was diverted to…

7.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

A passenger tried to breach the cockpit on a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Nashville on Friday and the plane had to be diverted to Albuquerque, officials said.

8.Delta airlines flight unruly passenger

Delta spokesman Anthony Black said Flight 386 landed without incident in Albuquerque and he praised the crew and passengers on the flight for “detaining an unruly passenger” on the flight. The…

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1.Delta flight diverted after off-duty flight attendant becomes unruly

Passengers aboard the flight said the man made an announcement over the plane’s PA system telling the passengers to take their seats and prepare to put on their oxygen masks.

Published Date: 2021-06-13T00:53:56.0000000Z

1  Delta flight forced to divert after ‘unruly passenger’ was detained | USA TODAY
As the number of flights continue to increase, so do the increased number of “unruly passengers” as another flight was forced to divert after a man needed to be detained by passengers and crew. RELATED: 13 injured in shooting at popular entertainment district in Austin, Texas A Delta Air Lines flight was forced to divert …
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