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1Almanzo Wilder

Biography Early life. Almanzo Wilder was born the fifth of six children to farmers James (1813–1899) and Angeline Day Wilder (1821–1905) on their farm outside Malone in Burke, New York. His siblings include Laura Ann (1844–1899), Royal Gould (1847–1925), Eliza Jane (1850–1930), Alice M. (1853–1892), and Perley Day (1869–1934). As part of her Little House series of …

2Almanzo Wilder

Although Laura did not have the paralysis issues that Almanzo did (perhaps due to her not having the same pathogen in residence in her system), it is my impression from reading various books by and about her that it took her a very long time to wholly recover her own health subsequent to the diphtheria issue as well.

3did almanzo wilder have a stroke
Laura married Almanzo Wilder when she was 18 and he was 28, both living near DeSmet, South Dakota. Parents dearly hope their children will do better than they themselves did in life, but that wasn’t true for Laura and Almanzo. They suffered the loss of an infant child, a boy, though their daughter, Rose, would live to adulthood.

4did almanzo wilder have a stroke
Laura and Almanzo. Almanzo Wilder was the reason Laura Ingalls was able to go home from her job as a teacher every weekend. While Laura, at first, thought Almanzo was just doing Charles a favor by driving her back and forth, within three years the two married. Laura was 18 years old when she became Laura Ingalls Wilder on August 25, 1885.

5Almanzo Wilder

Almanzo James Wilder (/ælˈmænzoʊ ˈwaɪldər/; February 13, 1857 – October 23, 1949) was the husband of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the father of Rose Wilder Lane, both noted authors.He is portrayed in the NBC-TV series Little House on the Prairie and the three subsequent LHOP TV movies by actor Dean Butler.. Wilder is also a well-known character in the Little House books where his wife …

6Almanzo Wilder

Almanzo Wilder 1885, August 25. Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder are married. She and Almanzo make their new home on his claim at DeSmet. 1886, December. Rose Wilder is born. 1888, Spring. Almanzo and Laura suffer from diphtheria. Almanzo resumes work too soon and suffers a relapse causing a stroke that leaves him partially paralyzed.

7Almanzo Wilder

Almanzo Wilder might be the most hardworking young man in Walnut Grove (next to Pa), but he still needs to prove that he’s worthy of Laura’s love. Episode 1 of Season 6 focuses on Laura loving the unattainable man. Almanzo only sees her as a kid and is dating various young women around town.

8Laura Ingalls Wilder

Almanzo suffered a stroke, which paralyzed one side of his body and left him with a lifelong limp. A second child, a son, was born in 1889 and died unnamed twelve days later. Two weeks after that Laura and Almanzo’s home burned to the ground, destroying many of their possessions and any dreams they had of making a go of it in De Smet.

9Laura Ingalls Wilder

Almanzo’s health improved, but Laura could not take the heat, and the women did not accept her socially because she was a “Yankee”. In 1892, Almanzo, Laura, and little Rose returned to De Smet, where Rose began her schooling although she was young, and Laura and Almanzo worked and saved up money to make a fresh start.

10Laura Ingalls Wilder

She received her teaching certificate, taught schools near De Smet, and was courted by a young homesteader, Almanzo Wilder. They married on August 25, 1885, when Laura was eighteen. Their daughter Rose was born on December 5, 1886. Laura and Almanzo’s first nine years of marriage were marred by economic hardship and personal loss.

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1  Little House on the Prairie Season 8 Episode 17 Days Of Sunshine, Days Of Shadow Pt 1
The marriage between Almanzo and Laura faces its first stern test when he falls seriously ill with diphtheria and later suffers a crippling stroke. Eliza Jane arrives to help care for her brother, but makes matters worse by babying him.
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKWOK8ms07w

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