did joe biden have a brain aneurysm

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1did joe biden have a brain aneurysm
No wonder Joe Biden is such an idiot. He suffered two brain aneurysms in the 1980’s and was even told by the doctor operating on him that he might not recover. Biden did recover and went on to embarrass himself and the Democrat in the Senate and being the dumbest Vice President in American history from 2009-2017.

2did joe biden have a brain aneurysm
Biden suffered the burst aneurysm in 1988, when he was a Delaware senator. Believing that he was close to death, a Catholic priest was preparing to administer Biden’s last rites.

3did joe biden have a brain aneurysm
One person who felt comfortable weighing in on that question was Dr. Neal Kassell — Joe Biden’s former brain surgeon. Source: Getty Images In a 2019 interview , Dr. Kassell said that Biden did not suffer any brain damage from the aneurysms (or the surgeries) that could come back to haunt him now, decades later.

4Joe Biden

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. underwent surgery today to correct an aneurysm in an artery that supplies blood to the right side of the brain, a spokesman for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center said.

5did joe biden have a brain aneurysm
Joe Biden almost died after suffering an aneurysm while serving in the Senate, but the surgeon who operated on his brain says that the incident shouldn’t hold him back in his pursuit of the …

6Joe Biden

“It surprised me, but I had no real fear of dying,” Joe Biden wrote of the brain aneurysms in the 1980s. The then-senator had surgery with a 50/50 chance of survival.

7Joe Biden

It remains unclear if Biden had more aneurysms. Some medical experts say that people who have had an aneurysm can have another one. An aneurysm, or a weakening of an artery wall, can lead to a …

8did joe biden have a brain aneurysm
(Screen Capture) (CNSNews.com) – Speaking at the White House National Conference on Mental Health on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden told a sometimes serious and sometimes jocular story about the two brain surgeries he needed in 1988 to deal with cranial aneurysms. Biden told the White House audience “they take a saw and they cut your head off” and “they literally had to take the top of …

9did joe biden have a brain aneurysm
It might be considered ageist, as Rep. Eric Swalwell learned to his detriment, but the truth is that Joe Biden is 76 years old, with two brain aneurysms under his belt, and so voters will …

10did joe biden have a brain aneurysm
In 2013, then Vice President Joe Biden told a story that was both serious and humorous about the two brain surgeries to deal with cranial aneurysms that he needed in 1988. CNS News covered the story seven year ago right after it occurred.

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1Joe Biden Won’t Be the One Running the Country
Joe Biden accepted his party’s nomination for president last night, but those who made it happen have some serious soul-searching to do. Specifically, they need to decide whether continuing to hide this man from the American people is the right thing to do.
Published Date: 2020-08-24T10:14:00.0000000Z

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In a debate with Bernie Sanders, on Sunday night March 15, JoeBiden said he has no underlying health conditions – completely forgetting his 2 deadly LEAKING BRAIN ARTERIES & ANEURYSM SURGERIES. NY TIMES: https://nyti.ms/29z8WKL #LyinBiden #DemDebates #DemocraticDebate #Biden2020 #LyingJoe
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWI1EJEyxDQ

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1Joe Biden 1988 presidential campaign
The 1988 presidential campaign of Joe Biden, the longtime Democratic U.S. Senator from Delaware, began in June 1987. He was considered one of the potentially…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe Biden 1988 presidential campaign

2Joe Biden
"Biden Resting After Surgery For Second Brain Aneurysm". The New York Times. Associated Press. May 4, 1988. Biden, Promises to Keep, p. 225 "Biden Resting…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe Biden