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What a compliment! The President of the United States has named you to fill a top-level government position, maybe even a Cabinet-level job. Well, enjoy a glass of bubbly and take some slaps on the back, but don’t sell the house and call the movers just yet. The president may want you, but unless you also win the approval of the U.S. Senate, it’s back to the shoe store on Monday for you. cabinet positions require senate approval

Any cabinet-level position requires approval by the Senate, and a number of positions below cabinet-level (top undersecretaries in many agencies, for example; the people who serve directly beneath the cabinet appointees) are subject to Senate appr… cabinet positions require senate approval

Some presidential appointments require the approval of the Senate but many do not. Aside from Cabinet secretaries and Supreme Court justices, whose nominations require the approval of the Senate, the President of the United States has the authority to appoint people to high-level positions within the federal government unilaterally. cabinet positions require senate approval

There is little doubt that the direct nomination and approval of cabinet officials falls under the Appointments Clause while the Senate is in session. In the 1st Congress, President George Washington nominated Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and Henry Knox to his first cabinet, and the Senate approved the nominations by a simple majority vote. cabinet positions require senate approval

The positions that don’t require Senate approval are … a simple majority is required to confirm. Can Senate Democrats do anything to … about delaying the approval of Trump’s Cabinet and … cabinet positions require senate approval

No, he may appoint “acting” for all presidential appointments requiring Senate confirmation, check out what is known as the “plume book” which is a listing of all presidential appointments (jobs) both those requiring Senate confirmation & those th… cabinet positions require senate approval

The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 (Pub.L. 112–166 (html)), signed into law on August 10, 2012, eliminates the requirement of Senate approval for 163 positions, allowing the president alone to appoint persons to these positions: Parts of the act went into effect immediately, while other parts took effect on October 9, 2012, 60 days after enactment. cabinet positions require senate approval

The senate must approve or reject all major appointments made by the president including Supreme court justices, ambassadors, and cabinet members. Appointments require a majority vote or approval … cabinet positions require senate approval

Members of the Cabinet (except for the vice president) are appointed by the president, subject to confirmation by the Senate; once confirmed, they serve at the pleasure of the president, who can dismiss them at any time without the approval of the Senate, as affirmed by the Supreme Court in Myers v. cabinet positions require senate approval

In most cases, O’Connell says you can hold the “acting” title in a job that requires Senate approval for only so long, usually about seven months. With delegation, there’s no time limit.

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1.Garcetti on Biden Cabinet? L.A. mayor says he’s not weighing that right now

With Joe Biden being declared the victor in the presidential race, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s name has quickly risen in political circles as a possible Cabinet appointee, but he said today his attention is on local matters,

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2.Garcetti insists he’s focused on local issues, not weighing cabinet post

“And our city and cities across this country need a relief bill that, I’m hopeful, that maybe is one of the last things we can see (President) Donald Trump do, or certainly get … whether he would accept a cabinet position if one was offered to …

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3.Biden and transition team ready to move on cabinet picks

The US President-elect and his transition team are expected to move quickly to fill positions in his cabinet, although he may be forced to make more moderate selections if Republicans retain control of the Senate.

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1.United States Senate

the Senate has several powers of advice and consent which are unique to it. These include the approval of treaties, and the confirmation of Cabinet secretaries…

2.Cabinet of the United States

elected vice president does not require Senate confirmation, nor does the White House chief of staff, which is an appointed staff position of the Executive…

3.Cabinet of Donald Trump

do not hold constitutionally created positions and most do not require Senate confirmation for appointment. The following have been named as Cabinet appointees…

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