Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

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1.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

The phrase “work-life balance” has become ubiquitous during the pandemic as so many have worked from home for the better part of a year. But what if we’re going about trying to achieve it all wrong?

2.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

Some researchers are now encouraging us to stop thinking about work-life balance as an achievement that you either hit or don’t. Instead, they suggest it may be more of a lifelong process – a…

3.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

Everyone talks about the importance of achieving the elusive work/life balance. But in my opinion, trying to find perfect balance is a pipe dream—a wasted effort. In today’s fast-paced workplace, most of us are urged to do more, faster, and with fewer resources.

4.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

Work-Life Balance Myths Balance is unnatural and rarely happens in real life. The term “work-life balance” implies a perfect balance between “work” and “life.” It suggests that we must divide our time, energy, and attention equally among our career goals, family, friends, own businesses, self-care, and hobbies.

5.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

Work-life balance is all the rage these days. Unfortunately, it seems that most of what we have been told is a lie. Here are 10 myths regarding work-life balance that are stressing you out and…

6.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

Not only do we think the conceptual model that frames the work-life-balance question is confused; we think it is pernicious and destructive. It invites people into unnecessarily conflicted patterns of thought. And it sets them up for failure. That’s probably why law students and young lawyers routinely ask how to achieve this mythical balance.

7.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

Not only is achieving a healthy work/life balance an attainable goal but workers and businesses alike see the rewards. When workers are balanced and happy, they are more productive, take fewer sick days, and are more likely to stay in their jobs.

8.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

The necessity of work-life balance is to remind us that the lives we lead (i.e., our relationships, personal feelings, and self-care outside of the office) deserve as much energy effort and time (as much as we can) as work. What are some signs that you’re doing “work-life” balance wrong?

9.Do we have ‘work-life balance’ wrong?

I also acknowledge that we have a work-life problem, but I’m arguing that the concept of balance has never been helpful, because it’s too limiting. You see, our language makes a difference, and how…

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1.We have ‘work-life balance’ wrong

BBC Worklife recommends we think of it as a “lifelong process” instead of a goal, per se, and that it “requires vigilance, self-awareness and timely tweaks.”

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