does ice cube endorse trump?

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1does ice cube endorse trump?
Ice Cube said in an August 2016 tweet that he would “never” endorse Donald Trump. In October 2016, Ice Cube said, “Anybody who thinks I’d ever support Donald Trump for president. Do me a …

2does ice cube endorse trump?
Rapper Ice Cube has made his way back into the public eye quite a few times in the past months. He was recently under fire for some anti-semitic comments, and now, Trump staffer Katrina Pierson is tweeting her thanks to The Cube for helping come up with the Platinum Plan, a Trump campaign plan to bring on more Black voters. Ice Cube himself has not endorsed Trump, but he did work with Trump on …

3does ice cube endorse trump?
Ice Cube: ‘I will never endorse a mothaf—a’ like Trump By Rebecca Savransky – 08/28/16 03:13 PM EDT Stealing endorsement is not how you become the president of the United States, homie.

4does ice cube endorse trump?
“I will never endorse a m*****a like Donald Trump,” he tweeted. “EVER!!!” While Ice Cube has not officially endorsed Trump or said if he’s voting for him, recent tweets have confirmed that he’s …

5does ice cube endorse trump?
O’Shea Jackson, better known by his stage name Ice Cube, is in hot water after he’s working with Donald Trump administration, but the rapper clarified whether he will endorse Trump in the upcoming election. Ice Cube is one of those artists who has always opposed President Donald Trump. He even released a song called ‘Arrest […]

6does ice cube endorse trump?
Following all of the controversy swirling around Ice Cube and his reported assistance in creating President Trump’s four-year “Platinum Plan,” an old tweet from 2016 where Cube says that he’s …

7does ice cube endorse trump?
N.W.A. rapper Ice Cube insisted he hasn’t “endorsed anybody” after drawing sharp criticism for working with Trump on his “promise to Black America.”

8does ice cube endorse trump?
Ice Cube had vowed in 2016 that he would “never endorse a mothaf**** like Donald Trump! EVER!!!” Trump would win the election against Hillary Clinton several months later. Arrest the President was one of 16 songs on Ice’s Everythang’s Corrupt album, which was released in December of 2018.

9does ice cube endorse trump?
Ice Cube said he is not endorsing Donald Trump for president. (Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images for SiriusXM) After a pro-Trump Twitter account posted a video from the 47-year-old rapper’s interview with Bloomberg Politics where he says Americans “love” the Republican nominee, Ice Cube clarified that he was not endorsing him.

10does ice cube endorse trump?
Ice Cube said that he would be open to voting for President Donald Trump, if he could come around on some of the issues that Ice Cube feels neither side is addressing. The rapper and actor gave an interview on TMZ Live on Wednesday, discussing the “Contract with Black America” that he wants the next president to sign. If Trump was the one to agree to it, he says, he could earn Ice Cube’s vote.

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1Ice Cube Has Not Endorsed Donald Trump or Joe Biden in Run Up to 2020 Presidential Election
Ice Cube has not endorsed President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. On October 13, Cube was thanked by Trump advisor Katrina Pierson.
Published Date: 2020-10-15T01:26:00.0000000Z

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1  Ice Cube Endorses Donald Trump
Ice Cube Endorses Donald Trump. He explains why he is backing Donald Trump, because he WILL make america great again.
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