Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time

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1Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
Elon Musk, the busy chief executive of both electric car maker Tesla and space exploration group SpaceX, still finds time to troll on Twitter—with the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community …

2Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
Elon Musk, the playful Tesla and SpaceX chief executive who has set the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency on fire in the past, has again caused a stir by tweeting about cryptocurrencies—this …

3Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
The acclaimed author is the latest to endorse Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies after Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Tesla’s Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak all praised the technology recently. Twitter founder Dorsey is so convinced that it is still early days for Bitcoin that he committed to putting by USD 10,000 worth of the cryptocurrency by per week.

4Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
At around the same time a medium post with the name SpaceX Cash popped up showing Elon musk giving away cryptocurrency to readers. The page that is apparently linked to both Musk and Tesla says as follows: The above image shows Musk stating that you will get 2x back the amount of crypto you send to him.

5Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
Elon Musk is facing more trouble for tweets about Tesla Inc. U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan told Musk to respond to the SEC by March 11.

6Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
Many of the 30 minutes interview serious about the method at the back of his electrical automobile corporate however the subject of cryptocurrency in the end popped up within the final 4 mins. Musk commented: “I believe the Bitcoin construction is moderately good.

7Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
Likewise, after his romance with Dogecoin, Elon flickered with Ethereum, which caused a price boost within a few minutes after his tweet. However, this time around, the prices of Bitcoin seems to go up significantly, as just after a couple of hours, BTC saw a rise of over $300 in a day, as prices crossed $8,000 only for the third time in two months.

8Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
Reading Time: 5 minutes How often have you heard about Elon Musk being the center of attention in another targeted Bitcoin scam over the past couple of years? – a few too many, right? Well, he is in a similar situation once again. According to the latest scam, a fake website called economicsworld[dot]com talks about an investment platform that has an endorsement from Elon Musk and it …

9Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
Crypto scammers hijacked three YouTube channels to impersonate Elon Musk’s SpaceX channel, offering bogus BTC giveaways that earned them nearly USD $150,000 over the course of two days.

10Elon Musk giving back Bitcoin 30 minutes time
“He’ll pay me back though”. And then this .. Elon musk… Giving away bitcoin if you send him some. He even read me names of people, how much they sent, how much … And he doesn’t give me money for bills 90% of the time so I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get this btc back even if I did decide … Tldr- can I get Bitcoin back if sent $ to …

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Elon Musk’s The Boring Company is challenging the public to dig a 98-foot deep tunnel with a circular opening of 19.7 inches faster than a snail. The firm’s machine is 14 times slower than the creature.
Published Date: 2020-07-10T20:52:00.0000000Z

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