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1eva sherbondy accident
The father of 7-year-old Eva Sherbondy, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling from a golf cart, tells CBN News, “God is drawing people towards him through Eva’s story. If God didn’t …

2eva sherbondy accident
Eva Sherbondy Accident On August 22nd, Lindsay and Dugan Sherbondy’s world turned upside down when their daughter Eva suffered a traumatic brain injury following a freak accident. View this post on Instagram

3eva sherbondy accident
On Aug. 22, Lindsay and Dugan Sherbondy experienced a parent’s worst nightmare: Their beloved 7-year-old daughter Eva suffered an injury that led to severe brain damage. According to CBN, Eva fell from a golf cart.

4eva sherbondy accident
Eva Sherbondy, 7, suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling from a golf cart. Her parents’ social media posts reflect the Psalms. At times there are moments of praise, and then at times there are transparent cries of darkness and sorrow.

5eva sherbondy accident
On August 23 seven-year-old Eva Sherbondy was in a freak- golf cart accident. “I got a text from her grandma saying that we should pray and that Eva was heading to the hospital,” said Tyler …

6eva sherbondy accident
Updated 1/27/2020 — 7-year-old Eva Love Sherbondy suffered a severe head injury in a freak golf cart accident. And now, her devoted mom Lindsay is rallying all the prayer warriors she can find to pray for a miracle.

7eva sherbondy accident
On Aug. 22 Eva Sherbondy fell off a golf cart and is still in the American Family Insurance Children’s Hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Now, the community is coming together to pull for a …

8eva sherbondy accident
Please pray for sweet Eva, for healing and restoration. We know a God who can do measurably more than we can ask or imagine and together, let’s pray boldly and stand firm on that truth. If you would like to send a card or gift to Eva, please mail to: Eva Love c/o Dugan E. Sherbondy PO Box 897 Sun Prairie, WI 53590

9eva sherbondy accident
Lindsay and Dugan Sherbondy are living the worst nightmare of every parent. A day of fun turned tragic when their 7-year-old girl, Eva Love, was in a golf cart accident. For reasons that remain unknown, little Eva just leaned off the golf cart and fell when riding with her friends.

10eva sherbondy accident
Lindsay Sherbondy’s daughter Eva was thrown from a golf cart in late August, when she suffered a traumatic brain injury that sent her into a coma. Now she’s slowly waking up, and her mom and …

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1  ‘A miracle is possible’: Thousands pray for recovery after young girl suffers severe head injury
Thousands of people from around the world are sending their best wishes and prayers to a Sun Prairie family following a fluke accident that severely injured their 7-year-old daughter. Madalyn O’Neill reports.
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRS6Ct-Cwp4

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