Forged In Fire Host Arrested?

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1.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

The show Forged in Fire was Wil’s big break, which only continues to bring him new opportunities, as he is also the host of the spin-off show, Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges. This show encourages previous Forged in Fire champions to face off against one of the four judges for an additional $10,000.

2.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

What happened to Wil on Forged in Fire? Fans are curious about the 2020 season 8 host so let’s get the situation explained and consider Wil Willis’ absence. It’s been a year for the books. Yet, much of it has been spent trying to stave off boredom in lockdown at home.

3.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

A new season of Forged in Fire premieres on November 18, after the exciting spinoff, Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges, wrapped up its first season this year. But the trailer for the upcoming season hints at a new host. What happened to the longtime host, Wil Willis? Being a fan favorite, the former veteran’s fans are asking if Wil Willis has quit the show or has taken a temporary hiatus.

4.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

Many people tuned into Forged in Fire to see Doug Marcaida’s arm sling. Currently, the details on what caused Doug Marcaida’s injury are slim. He put up a small post on his official Facebook page saying that, approximately four months ago, an injury occurred that he referred to as a “boo boo.”

5.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

Forged in Fire host Wil Willis Military background: Wil Wills was born on the 14th of February, 1975 in Portugal. His family moved to Texas when Wil has 2 years of age. While there are little details about his mother, Wil’s father Jakob Willis is a military man. As a result, Wil and his four siblings were raised in a disciplined environment.

6.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

Gomes was charged with arson and reckless endangerment, and one of the show’s contestants, Kim Stahl, warned other fans, “Not every episode outlines all the procedures that were followed.” Which, fair, but we’re not sure how you can watch Forged in Fire and think you can make a sword using a barrel in your backyard.

7.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

A Vice reporter visited the set of Forged in Fire. While there, Neilson showed the reporter videos of his kids.In the video, the kids were forging their first knives. At the time of the report, these kids were 9 and 14. Far be it from us to give parenting advice.

8.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

Wil Willis is an American TV personality, Pararescuemen and former Army Ranger born on 13 February 1975, in Portugal. He’s known for being TV series “Forged in Fire” host. Contents1 Early Life and Education2 Career2.1 Military2.2 Actor2.3 TV Appearances – Host and Expert2.4 Forged in Fire2.5 Writer3 Personal Life3.1 Marriage and Children4 Net Worth5 Appearance6

9.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

Grady Powell became a Green Beret at 21 he was on Dual Survival. Kid is basically a replacement badass. I didn’t care for him on Dual Survival at all. I also didn’t watch many of those episodes so that opinion is a shit one also. He may be good as the new host on Forged in Fire time will tell.

10.Forged In Fire Host Arrested

Well, our favorite show,’ Forged in Fire‘s cast, certainly made us believe it. To be fair, the ‘Forged in Fire‘s cast are distinguishable men in the world of sword and knife-making. In the show, they either host or judge a competition for amateur bladesmith with a $10,000 reward.

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