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1.Geronimo alpaca

A row over the future of an alpaca named Geronimo has been making the headlines, but what is the background to the story and why has an order been made to have the animal euthanised?

2.Geronimo alpaca

Geronimo the alpaca is under a death sentence, having tested positive four years ago in a bovine tuberculosis test that his owner, Helen Macdonald insists was unreliable.

3.Geronimo alpaca

Geronimo, the condemned alpaca, has been granted another 24-hour reprieve, with its owner claiming the UK government hopes she will carry out its “dirty work” and put her beloved animal down …

4.Geronimo alpaca

Geronimo has twice tested positive for bovine tuberculosis but MacDonald, who breeds alpacas at her farm in south Gloucestershire, has insisted the tests are unreliable and the animal is healthy.

5.Geronimo alpaca

An alpaca who has been at the centre of a row with the government is to be killed after his owner lost a last-ditch attempt to save him. Geronimo had twice tested positive for bovine tuberculosis …

6.Geronimo alpaca

Geronimo is a healthy alpaca imported from New Zealand in 2017. He lives on Shepherds Close Farm in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire , with his protective owner, Helenn. She has vowed to take a …

7.Geronimo alpaca

Geronimo is under orders to be killed because he tested positive for bovine tuberculosis four years ago. Macdonald argues that the testing is flawed and that the eight-year-old alpaca is perfectly …

8.Geronimo alpaca

Four years ago, Geronimo was just another handsome alpaca from New Zealand on the cusp of a new low-key life in the British countryside. Though he has barely strayed from the same corner of a farm …

9.Geronimo alpaca

In Geronimo’s case, the Enferplex antibody test was used. According to Defra, this has been specifically developed and validated for alpacas with the chance of a false positive result just 0.34%.

10.Geronimo alpaca

Geronimo the alpaca needs your help! Team Geronimo need your help. We are being forced to take legal action against DEFRA and the Farming Minister George Eustice. Please contribute to this fund and share this page on Facebook and Twitter now. I have been farming alpacas for 16 years and have always been proactive about their welfare.

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1.British Court Denies Last-Ditch Effort to Save Geronimo, the Divisive Alpaca

Helen Macdonald said she has until 4:30 p.m. Thursday to put him down herself or agricultural authorities, who fear bovine tuberculosis, can show up to kill him at any time.

Published Date: 2021-08-18T23:01:00.0000000Z

1  Geronimo the Alpaca’s Owner Feels “Abused” by Government
#Shorts #Geronimothealpaca #BritishGovernment ‘Geronimo the Alpaca’s Owner Feels “Abused” by Government’ “[I’m] tired, fed up, frustrated, feeling abused by the Government,” said Helen Macdonald, the owner of Geronimo the alpaca, when asked how she was feeling. “You know, this has been going on for four years, and that’s what it …
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1.Geronimo the alpaca

Geronimo is an eight-year-old male stud alpaca, that resides at Shepherds Close Farm in Wickwar, Gloucestershire, England. Geronimo was imported into…

2.Geronimo (disambiguation)

(yacht), a French trimaran USS Geronimo, two US Navy tugs SS Geronimo, a World War II Liberty ship Geronimo (alpaca) Geronimo (exclamation), traditionally…


execution for alpaca Geronimo who tested positive for bovine TB". 6 August 2021. "Alpacas to join march on Downing Street in bid to save Geronimo". Kennedy…

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