Green Glass Door Riddles

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1.Green Glass Door Riddles

Green Glass Door Game (Riddle) Editor / March 28th 2019 / No Comments The Green Glass Door, frequently played as a drinking game, is also used as an icebreaker, in classrooms, and as a party game. The game requires at least three players.

2.Green Glass Door Riddles

Riddle: There is a green glass door in the middle of Minnesota. Only certain things can go through the door. Here is a list of thing that can and cannot go through the door: Can: a riddle Can’t: an answer Can: root beer Can’t: soda Can: grass Can’t: field Can: tree Can’t: bark Can: pool Can’t: water Can: roof Can’t: ceiling

3.Green Glass Door Riddles

The Green Glass Door game itself has a very vague and misleading name, especially if you want to throw off the players from the actual rule. The game revolves around only one sentence: “I can bring a ____ through the green glass door.” What word can be placed in the blank to make the object or person be able to get past it?

4.Green Glass Door Riddles

a book can go into the green glass door but a story can’t. a pillow can but a bed can’t. a foot can but toes can’t. teeth can but white can’t. grass can but a lawn can’t what is allowed behind the green glass door?

5.Green Glass Door Riddles

Riddle: We let apples in, but no bananas. We let pillows in, but no blankets. We let books in, but no libraries. We let school in, but no work. We let parrots in, but no birds. What is the rule of the Green Glass Door?

6.Green Glass Door Riddles

Through the Green Glass Doors lies only certain things. What is allowed beyond the green glass doors? Hint: There are doors but no knobs. There are roofs but no ceilings.

7.Green Glass Door Riddles

There is a green glass door in the middle of Minnesota. Only certain things can go through the door. Here is a list of things that can and cannot go through the door: Can: A riddle. Can’t: An answer. Can: Root beer. Can’t: Soda. Can: Grass. Can’t: Fi

8.Green Glass Door Riddles

This riddle wordplay game is known as the Green Glass Door. It can be played at parties, in classrooms, and just as a fun icebreaker. If you’re a teacher looking to challenge your kids in the classroom, try out this entertaining logic puzzle to test their knowledge about compound words.

9.Green Glass Door Riddles

So there is this green glass door, and only certain objects can go through it. You have to guess what objects can go through it, and why. Here is a hint: A puppy can go through it, but not a dog. A tree can go through it, but not a leaf.

10.Green Glass Door Riddles

Yep, you’ve got the concept! Personally I think when you have a two-word phrase (like green banana), both words should be able to go through the green glass doors. Technically, a banana (of any color) can’t go through. So I think saying a “green banana” can go through could potentially be confusing to someone.

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1  Green Glass Door Riddle
So, I came across this riddle the other day. Try to guess why some things are allowed through the green glass door and some aren’t. Post your answers in the comment section below, and who ever can guess it first will be in my next video’s description box. Sorry that I misspelled the word “subscribe”. If you didn’t notice it, good!!!!!! Haha …
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