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harry caray suicide

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1harry caray suicide
The classic phrase uses the Japanese term Hara Kiri. This is one term for Japanese ritual suicide, also called seppuku. The hara is the vital center in the lower belly. The original act from which hara kiri was developed was a ritual suicide of a …

2Harry Carey

Carey was born in the Bronx, New York, a son of Henry DeWitt Carey (a newspaper source gives the actor’s name as “Harry DeWitt Carey II”). a prominent lawyer and judge of the New York Supreme Court, and his wife Ella J. (Ludlum).He grew up on City Island, Bronx.. Carey was a cowboy, railway superintendent, author, lawyer and playwright.

3Harry Caray

to commit suicide (from the Japanesse expression to slice oneself open with a ritual sword. A gross simplification of the actual Japanesse expression.) Example: see the film “Harold and Maude” for an excellent demonstration by the main character, out of context

4Harry Caray

Harry Caray (born Harry Christopher Carabina; March 1, 1914 – February 18, 1998) was an American sportscaster on radio and television. He covered five Major League Baseball teams, beginning with 25 years of calling the games of the St. Louis Cardinals with two of these years also spent calling games for the St. Louis Browns.After a year working for the Oakland Athletics and eleven years with …

5Harry Carey

Harry Carey, the silent film star and later B-movie cowboy and A-list character actor, was–like Clint Eastwood’s “Bronco Billy”–a self-made Westerner. Born on January 16, 1878, in Bronx, NY, Henry DeWitt Carey II was the son of a prominent lawyer who was the president of a sewing machine company.

6Harry Caray

Harry Caray, American sportscaster who gained national prominence for his telecasts of Chicago Cubs baseball games on Chicago-based superstation WGN during the 1980s and ’90s. He was especially known for his oversize thick-rimmed eyeglasses and for the catchphrase ‘Holy cow.’ Learn more about Caray’s life and career.

7Harry Carey Jr.

Harry Carey Jr. was born May 16, 1921, on a ranch in Saugus, Calif., which his father owned to distance the family from Hollywood. The youngster wanted to be a singer and studied voice.

8Harry Carey Jr.

Harry Carey Jr. worked in the golden era of Western movies, rubbing elbows — or chaps — with many of the the genre’s legends, including actors John Wayne and Ben Johnson and directors John Ford …

9harry caray suicide
Samurais are also responsible with that Japanese form of ritual suicide that equally fascinates and horrifies people around the world, seppuku. Equally well-known as Harakiri (but often horribly mispronounced to sound like MLB sportscaster Harry Caray) it evokes darkly romantic images of opting for gory self-disembowelment over losing one’s honor.

10Harry Caray

Harry Caray, whose zesty, raucous style of baseball play-by-play electrified airwaves and roused fans for more than half a century, died yesterday at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

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The funeral celebration for Harry Caray at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral drew many laughs and fond remembrances. He died in 1998 following a heart attack in Palm Springs. His close friend, Pete Vonachen, former owner of the Peoria Chiefs, gave the eulogy.
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1Harakiri (disambiguation)
fall of the shogunate in 1333 Harakiri (ski piste), the steepest ski slope of Austria Sports Harry Caray, Chicago Cubs announcer. Acting Harry Carey… (disambiguation)

2James Brown (sportscaster)
appeared in Madden NFL 2001. On August 23, 1997, Brown filled-in for Chip Caray as the studio host for Fox Saturday Baseball. Following the 2005 NFL season… Brown (sportscaster)

3List of Major League Baseball retired numbers
streak of consecutive regular-season broadcasts. Harry Caray and Jack Brickhouse – Chicago Cubs: Caray is remembered inside and outside of Wrigley Field… of Major League Baseball retired numbers