has joe biden had a stroke

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1has joe biden had a stroke
Joe Biden is “not healthy” and is at risk for strokes, according to Dr. David Scheiner, the former longtime physician to Barack Obama. ‘Frail’ Joe Biden is ‘not healthy’ and has stroke …

2has joe biden had a stroke
It’s getting really awkward to watch presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden try to do even the most basic things — like speak. He finally came out of the basement recently, only to appear to have a stroke in the middle of his speech on the coronavirus … or was it China? It was honestly hard to tell. BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzales, hos

3has joe biden had a stroke
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden suffered a massive brain hemorrhage today as he practiced reciting the days of the week for upcoming debates with President Trump. Campaign staff members say it will not affect his work, and insist he has no plans to withdraw from the presidential contest, unless “something serious happens.”

4has joe biden had a stroke
“Joe Biden of all of the politicians in Washington is the only one that I’m certain has a brain, because I have seen it,” Kassell said. “That’s more than I can say about all the other …

5has joe biden had a stroke
Former President Barack Obama’s 81-year-old former doctor thinks the medical records from Joe Biden’s campaign raise some red flags about stroke vulnerability. “He’s not a healthy guy,” Dr. David Scheiner, who was Obama’s personal physician for 22 years before Obama became president, told the Washington Examiner after reading Biden’s record .

6has joe biden had a stroke
Dr David Scheiner, 81, has cast doubt on Joe Biden’s health records – saying he is at risk of a stroke, despite a letter earlier this week claiming he is ‘fit to be president’

7has joe biden had a stroke
Has Joe Biden ever had a stroke? I was reading about his speech in New Hampshire, … It is rumored that Joe Biden has masturbated several times, yes. The first of these reportedly happened prior to his marriage to Nancy constituting a major sin. NOT fit to be president if you ask me. 1 1.

8Joe Biden

In early 1988, Joe Biden was devastated. The then-Delaware senator had bowed out of the 1988 presidential race after questions were raised about the lack of attribution of quotes he used in a speech.

9has joe biden had a stroke
No wonder Joe Biden is such an idiot. He suffered two brain aneurysms in the 1980’s and was even told by the doctor operating on him that he might not recover. Biden did recover and went on to embarrass himself and the Democrat in the Senate and being the dumbest Vice President in American history from 2009-2017.

10Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden was filmed forcing a young girl to touch his crotch during a ceremonial Senate swearing-in session at the Capitol on January 6, 2015. The video by C-SPAN shows the startled girl recoiling in shock at what she was forced to feel. One observer describes the act by Biden as a…

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1Donald Trump Jr makes light of Joe Biden’s past aneurysms to deny claims his father had a stroke
Donald Trump Jr mocked Joe Biden’s “two explosions in his brain” in defence of a new conspiracy theory that claims his father had a stroke and was hiding from the public. The president took to Twitter on Tuesday to deny “fake news” that he had a series of mini-strokes during a mystery visit to hospital in November,
Published Date: 2020-09-01T20:33:00.0000000Z

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1  OH NO JOE! Did Biden Just Have a Stroke Mid-Speech?
OH NO JOE! Presidential candidate Joe Biden finally came out of the basement and appeared to have a stroke in the middle of his coronavirus speech. WHO are the people voting for him in these latest polls?! The guy has no idea where he is!! Click HERE to subscribe to Sara Gonzales Unfiltered for more! https://www.youtube.com …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE1rqXn2_VE

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1Beau Biden
Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia Biden. He served as the Attorney General of Delaware and as a Major in the Delaware Army National Guard. Biden was…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beau Biden

2Vice President of the United States
issue areas independently. Joe Biden, who both held the office himself and selected a candidate for it as his running mate, has observed that the presidency…
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3Patrick Caddell
George McGovern in 1972, Jimmy Carter in 1976 and 1980, Gary Hart in 1984, Joe Biden in 1988, and Jerry Brown in 1992. He also worked for Colorado Senate candidate…
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