Helpful cover letter examples for all occasions

Helpful cover letter examples for all occasions

A cover letter is a great way to concisely summarize your skills, experience, and goals, and give the hiring professional why you should be hired. “But this is all clear from the summary!” – you can argue. Yes, but the cover letter is like your comments on the resume, complementing the description of the experience and explaining the motivation. While a cover letter is often not a must-have tool when looking for a job, it can play into your hands. The proofreader cover letter will tell you when and how to write it.


If you are a beginner job seeker

Lack of professional experience can sometimes be compensated for by a high level of motivation and soft skills. But the recruiter may not be able to guess from just one resume that you have them. This is where your cover letter comes in handy. You can write, for example, like this:

“The vacancy of a specialist in organizing events in your company on attracted me from the first reading, because this is a job that best suits my desires and skills. At the university, I was constantly involved in trade union activities, organized all public events, participated in theatrical performances and thematic evenings. Thesis topic: “The use of digital tools in the organization and conduct of cultural events.” Moreover, I am sure that the sphere of mass media is the most fertile ground for the use and disclosure of my abilities and skills to the fullest. Hope I can be a useful member of your team. “

If you do not have experience in a specific field, that is, you want to move to another profession

As in the previous case, a cover letter is a good tool to make up for your lack of experience. At the same time, you can not only talk about your motivation, but also explain how you can use experience from another area with the benefit of a potential employer. This cover letter might look like this:

Greetings! I would like to propose my candidacy for the position of recruiting specialist. Over the past five years, 50% of my activities have been related to the selection of suppliers and contractors in accordance with the requirements of projects and the negotiation of terms of cooperation. Thanks to this, I can be proud of my communication skills, which allow me to find the right people and companies with rare specializations. Although my previous experience was related to the tourism sector, now I constantly listen to the webinars of the “Recruitment” project in order to gain knowledge in the HR sector. Plus I have a creative approach to work. And I am sure that my base of contractors and partners in the tourism industry will come in handy for your corporate events. Thank you in advance for your interest in my resume.

If you are applying for a dream job

Are you lucky to find your dream job offer? Therefore, you definitely have the right motivation, and the answer to the question: “Why do you want to work in our company?” won’t cause any problem. These are the things that are worth dedicating your cover letter to. This is what it might look like if you are applying for the position of Junior Game Tester:

“Hey! Please consider my candidacy for the position of Junior Game Tester. I have all the necessary skills for the job. In addition, I learn quickly and will be able to quickly join the work. I am a big fan of your company’s games and modern technologies. Completed all the Assassin’s Creed episodes, and now I’m looking forward to the release of FC New Dawn. Thanks!”

Here’s another interesting example of a cover letter for a dream company:

“Good afternoon! All my adult life in search of a dream job I have been monitoring vacancies on the website in the hope that your company will open a suitable vacancy for me. And finally, I was lucky! My dream is to do my favorite activity and develop in the field of trade with you. My family will be very proud if I am lucky enough to get a job at the “Company”! “

If it is directly required in the vacancy

Sometimes applicants, responding to vacancies, are similar to the main character of the cartoon “VVV” Does the job description say a cover letter is required? I’ll just send a resume, they say, and so it will do. Do not do like this. The cover letter should only be 4-5 paragraphs long. Therefore, we are sure that everyone can write it. To make it easier for you, we give you a universal template that you can use to compose a cover letter:

  • Greetings!
  • I ask you to consider my resume for vacancy “X”.
  • Introduction (explain why you want to work for this company or why you are interested in this vacancy).
  • The main body (your work experience and professional skills, which are balanced with the requirements of the vacancy).
  • End (answer the question: “Why should you be considered for this vacancy?”).
  • Signature and your contacts.

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