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1.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

Riddle: You walk in a room and on the bed, there are 2 dogs, 4 cats, one giraffe, 5 cows and a duck, 3 chickens flying above a chair; how many legs are on the floor? Answer: There are a total of 6 legs on the floor.

2.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

The Dr Dolittle riddle may seem like a tricky maths question on the surface but finding the sneaky brain teaser’s answer is easier than you might think. The year 2020 hasn’t exactly started in …

3.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

How many legs on the floor is the latest riddle trending online on Facebook and Twitter. The riddle says “You walk into a room and see a bed.On the bed, there are 2 dogs, 4 cats, a giraffe, 5 cows, and a duck. There are also 3 chickens flying above the bed.

4.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

How to engage more people in the ‘How many legs on the floor?’ riddle. Copy or save the above question ‘How many legs on the floor?’ Share it on various social media accounts, especially WhatsApp. Tag people to answer the riddle. If they answer, then share the game with them as well, which, will create a chain of such riddle.

5.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

How Many Legs Are On The Ground Riddle. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Name. Post navigation. Previous Post Previous How Many Legs Are On The Ground Riddle. Search for: Search. Categories. 7th Grade; Amazon Quiz; Answer Key; Brain Test; Crossword; Formulas; Games; General; Numbers; Others; Puzzle …

6.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

Luke says March 13, 2015 @ 19:06. first of all the question was incorrectly asked because the actual riddle has feet and not legs to prove the riddle suppose to be feet cow have legs hippos have legs but no feet so the whole structure of this riddle is wrong but in conclusion the answer suppose to be 2 because of your own two feet cause a bed doesn’t have feet it has legs

7.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

Answer to How many legs on the floor Riddle. Whatsapp Puzzle: How many legs on the floor? Be quick in answering this one. You enter your room and on the bed there are 2 dogs, 4 cats, 1 giraffe and 5 pigs. There are also 3 chickens and one duck flying around.

8.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

Answer to How many legs on the floor Riddle Be quick in answering this one confusing puzzles on whatsapp confusing riddles for whatsapp HR interview tricky questions Only you are standing on the floor. pets quiz on whatsapp riddles for whatsapp tricky interview questions tricky questions tricky questions for CAT tricky questions for interview …

9.How Many Legs On Ground Riddle

How many legs are standing in the room? Reply me personally. If you get the answer wrong you need to put this picture of the giraffe as your profile picture.” Now, this is what I call a riddle! Technically, the answer is 6 (your own 2 legs + 4 legs of the bed). However, I am among the handful of Asians who just does not understand Maths.

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