How to start a vegetable garden

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1.How to start a vegetable garden

Should you start your vegetable garden from seeds or plants? If you want to save money, start with seeds. You can sow them indoors six to eight weeks before the start of the season (that is, before the last expected frost in your area). Move your seedlings into the garden later, as directed on the seed packet.

2.How to start a vegetable garden

Decide whether you want to start vegetables from seed or purchase young plants from a garden center. If you’ve decided on seeds (e.g., peas, beans, squash, lettuce, mesclun mix, beets, or radishes), note that most annual vegetables should be started indoors about six weeks before the last frost in your region.

3.How to start a vegetable garden

You may also want to start seeds indoors in peat pots before transplanting seedlings in the garden. Consult a growing guide for each vegetable in order to figure out planting times and the temperature that most vegetables can withstand. Look for plant sales in the spring. Many farmers markets and master gardener programs host annual plant sales.

4.How to start a vegetable garden

Here are some tips for a good-size beginner vegetable garden that can feed a family of four for one summer, with a little leftover for canning and freezing (or giving away to jealous neighbors). Make your garden 11 rows wide, with each row 10 feet long. The rows should run north and south to take full advantage of the sun.

5.How to start a vegetable garden

Starting a Vegetable Garden First, you must begin the planning stages. Typically, planning is done during the fall or winter months, allowing you plenty of time to figure out what you want and where you want it. You’ll need to learn more about your particular climate and soil conditions.

6.How to start a vegetable garden

The rest you’ll learn as you go, which is the real thrill of gardening; overcoming unexpected obstacles and ending the season with a hearty harvest. You literally get to eat the fruits of your labor. So let’s start your first vegetable garden.

7.How to start a vegetable garden

Start a Vegetable garden from scratch Vegetables are demanding plants. Whereas ‘weeds’ can scratch a living out of any old crack in the pavement, veg needs babying. Most need fertile soil, protection from wind, regular watering, and help to defend themselves against pests.

8.How to start a vegetable garden

Most garden vegetables can be directly seeded where they are to grow, including: lettuce, beans, carrots, beets, chard, spinach, peas, cukes, and squash. Starting with small plants rather than seeds is a good idea for crops that take longer to mature. View calculator for sowing and planting dates for each vegetable.

9.How to start a vegetable garden

Start by mowing the grass in the planting area as short as possible. Then, hose down the area to dampen it thoroughly. Next, cover the area with a clear plastic tarp that’s been cut to the desired size of your new garden space. Weigh down the edges of the plastic (with bricks, for example) to keep it in place.

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