Human trafficking southwest airlines

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1.Human trafficking southwest airlines

Southwest employee suspected white mom with Black daughter of human trafficking, called police. Mary MacCarthy is demanding an apology from the airline and says her daughter “clams up” when it …

2.Human trafficking southwest airlines

A mixed-race family has demanded an apology from Southwest Airlines, after a flight attendant flagged them as suspicious, wrongly assuming the white mother was trafficking her biracial child.

3.Human trafficking southwest airlines

In a statement, a Southwest spokesperson said the airline focuses on creating an”inclusive” environment for customers and trains employees on human trafficking, and they were looking into …

4.Human trafficking southwest airlines

Southwest said its employees go through “robust training on human trafficking” and that the carrier “prides itself on providing a welcoming and inclusive environment.” Markets Advertisement

5.Human trafficking southwest airlines

As part of its strategic areas of focus, Southwest focuses on Human Trafficking Awareness by partnering with national and local organizations dedicated to prevention, rescue and recovery. In 2019, Southwest Airlines worked with their nonprofit partner Polaris, a leader in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery, to launch online curriculum …

6.Human trafficking southwest airlines

White Mom With Black Daughter Accused of Human Trafficking on Southwest Airlines Flight Southwest Airlines said in a statement it is reviewing the situation and would be reaching out to the woman …

7.Human trafficking southwest airlines

According to a Denver Police Department report, officers went to the airport to investigate a “report of possible Human Trafficking reported by Southwest Flight Attendant.” The case was subsequently closed, with the report noting that the flight attendant’s suspicion was “unfounded” and that no further action was necessary.

8.Human trafficking southwest airlines

Southwest Airlines is proud to support multiple nonprofit organizations whose efforts help with the rescue, recovery, and restoration of Human Trafficking survivors. These organizations include Polaris, United Against Human Trafficking, Rethreaded, Project Concern International, Ho‘ōla Nā Pua, and Ayuda. These efforts are just the latest …

9.Human trafficking southwest airlines

A white mother from Los Angeles says she was stopped by police and accused of human trafficking her 10-year-old biological biracial daughter by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant.

10.Human trafficking southwest airlines

A woman is demanding an apology from Southwest Airlines after a flight attendant reported her to police on suspicion of human trafficking while she was traveling with her biracial daughter …

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1.White Mom Says Southwest Airlines Employee Suspected Her of Trafficking 10-Year-Old Black Daughter

Mary McCarthy revealed she was caught off guard when a Southwest Airlines employee and two police officers were waiting for the pair on the jet bridge following their Oct. 22 flight

Published Date: 2021-11-07T01:06:00.0000000Z

1  LA Mom Says She, Daughter Were Racially Profiled on Flight From San Jose to Colorado
A Los Angeles mother claims she was stopped and questioned for human trafficking following a Southwest Airlines flight with her biracial daughter. Maria Cid Medina reports. (11-4-21)
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