In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

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1.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

English words for kia tere include make fast, be prompt, be quick, to rush, be in motion, be in a hurry, in hurry, be convenient, be in hurry and let it ride. Find more Maori words at!

2.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

1. (personal noun) Māori/Iwi Electoral College – the Māori Language Strategy proposed in 2014 to establish a purpose built iwi entity that will assume responsibility for Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori and Te Māngai Pāho, and will assume the roles and responsibilities of Te Pūtahi Pāho with regard to the Māori Television Service. There will be a greater focus on Crown Māori/iwi …

3.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

Te reo definition: the Māori language | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

4.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

1. be strong, get stuck in, keep going. Kei te hāparangi tonu te waha o taku hoa, “Kia tere te haere o tō tāua waka, e Hēmi. Kia kaha te takahi atu!” (HP 1991;145). / My companion shouted out, “We’d better speed up, Hēmi.

5.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

The theme of Maori Language Week in 2018 is Kia Kaha te Reo Māori: Let’s Make the Māori language strong.

6.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

1. what can be done, so what, what business is it of yours, what’s it got to do with you, what does it matter, never mind – an idiom used to indicate a lack of interest by the speaker for the comments of another person because they are of little importance. I kī taurangi koe ka whakaaetia au kia haere ki te pikitia. Kia ahatia! Me noho koe ki te whakaoti i ō mahi mō te kura.

7.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

Kia Whakatū te Reo – Te Rautaki Reo o Ngāti Koata. Kia Whakatū te Reo is the Māori Language Strategy of Ngāti Koata. Kia Whakatū te Reo means ‘uphold the language”. Whakatū means to ‘uphold’, and is also the Māori name for Nelson, where Ngāti Koata call home. Click on the link on the right to read our Rautaki Reo (Language …

8.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

Me tūtaki tāua ki Te Pātaka Kōrero. I am teaching until 1pm. Kei te whakaako au ki te kotahi karaka. My computer is broken. Kua te pakaru taku rorohiko. Call 5050. Waeahia te nama rima, kore, rima, kore. The internet is slow today. He pōturi rawa te ipurangi i tēnei rā. The printer is out of paper. Kua pau te pepa i te mīhini tā.

9.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

As well as the words one would expect in a traditional dictionary, Te Aka has encyclopaedic entries including the names of plants and animals (especially native and endemic species), stars, planets and heavenly bodies, important Māori people, key ancestors of traditional narratives, tribal groups and ancestral canoes. Māori names for institutions, country names, place names and other proper …

10.In te reo, what does “kia tere” mean?

1. (noun) a traditional hand game – played by two people who take turns to call. For the first two calls of each round the hands are slapped on the thighs. The one starting calls, ‘Whakaropiropi ai?’ (Shall we play whakaropiropi?) and the partner responds, ‘Āe.’ (Yes.)

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