In which city did the grunge movement originate?

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Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is a rock music genre and subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s in the Pacific Northwest U.S. state of Washington, particularly in Seattle and nearby towns. The early grunge movement revolved around Seattle’s independent record label Sub Pop and the region’s underground music scene.

2In which city did the grunge movement originate?
Step 1 : Introduction to the question “In which city did the grunge movement originate?”…The grunge sounds came out of Seattle, Washington, in the early 1980s. The unique sound of grunge resulted from merging early heavy metal with punk rock. The synonym for dirt or grime describes the heavy distortion of the music.


The origin of “grunge” The term “grunge” was almost-universally reviled by the bands it was supposed to describe. Where did the name come from? And how did it stick? A look at the etymology of grunge . Northwest Passage. Grunge. It’s a word that became synonymous with the Seattle sound.


The failure of the press to apply subtlety has resulted in the genre being ambiguous and many people are unclear about what grunge really is. The grunge sound originated in Seattle, Washington St., USA, during the 80s. The label applied to a collection of bands that did indeed feature long haired musicians.

5Scipione Borghese

The word grunge, which means grime or dirt, came to describe a music genre, fashion style and lifestyle exclusively attached to the Pacific Northwest and, specifically, Seattle. With the effects of this movement still relevant some 30 years later, it’s worth exploring how it all began – and how grunge entered the mainstream.


Wrong not only was the grunge movement turning to new areas, but they were forming their own music. Nirvana was the first grunge band to hit it big on the scene. Not only did they acqire radio-friendly songs for air play, they also were being played on MTV’s alternative shows. The grunge peole went wild.

7In which city did the grunge movement originate?
Grunge fashion was developed by Generation X and is a reflection of their frustration with the side effects of the eighties economical upswing. This explains why grunge is mainly fashionable in first world countries. Many were beginning to see the effects of capitalism and didn’t support it.


The History of Grunge Rock and Post Grunge Rock. The 1990s are an era markedly known as much for the early explosion of Grunge music, mostly rooted in and related to the Northwestern music scene popularized by Washington and burgeoning independent record labels such as Sub Pop.

9Pop punk

By the late ’70s, punk had finished its beginning and had emerged as a solid musical force. With its rise in popularity, punk began to split into numerous sub-genres. New musicians embraced the DIY movement and began to create their own individual scenes with specific sounds. In order to better see the evolution of punk, check out all of the …

10In which city did the grunge movement originate?
Where did grunge originate? Wiki User 2010-09-30 00:46:12. … The grunge movement began in the late 1980’s in the city of Seattle. Asked in Music Genres Is grunge dead? No.

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"authentic" rock movement. Originally, grunge bands that emerged when grunge was mainstream and were suspected of emulating the grunge sound were pejoratively… music

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the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock. As grunge and punk revival bands in the US and Britpop bands in rock

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