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1.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Iris didn’t give any smartphone to Ian. Ian got it from the descendant of duke yunho and he asked Iris how to use it. Turns out that Ian’s phone used to be owned by duke yunho’s wife (i think thats his name, he’s the first transmigrator from korea in that world and everyone called him the great mage because he invented lots of magic tools).

2.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel is one of the stories of a husband who is in love with her cousin. It was the condition where he has been taken away by his family. It was a time when he was feeling depressed and found out the time to end his life.

3.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Iris: The Lady and Her Smartphone (Novel) manga info and recommendations. The husband was in love with his cousin and the fa…

4.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

The main character reincarnates into a side character of a novel that she had once read. She becomes Amy, a young landlord, who has an older sister. From what she recalls in the original novel, her sister becomes the first love of the male lead she picked up and gets brutally murdered in the near future.

5.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Spoiler Iris – The Lady and her Smartphone. Discussion in ‘Spoilers’ started by mikeyla, … (not sure about the novel) if Iris mom and Annakin dad really loved each other…maybe yes at the end. If someone could share real spoilers from novel that would be awesome. rock.doll, Sep 17, 2020 #160.

6.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Spoiler Iris – The Lady and her Smartphone. … i finally installed kakao today and saw the novel there… read the last chapter right away. ^^ i did mtl so please take with a grain of salt. there’s also 3 epilogues. Spoiler: Last chapter – ch268. Last chapter: – Iris is on labour. It seems like now, Iris and Ian are already married.

7.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Summary Betrayed and murdered by her own husband and family, Iris’s life flashes before her eyes – including her previous one in modern times! With this new knowledge, she returns to before she was ever married. Determined to get revenge, Iris seeks help from the most eligible bachelor in the empire, Duke Valenciaga.

8.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Mochizuki Touya, a 15-year-old boy, who got zapped by a flash of lightning due to a freak accident caused by God, wakes up and finds himself face-to-face with God. “I am afraid to say that I have made a blunder…” laments the old coot. In order to smooth over the fault, God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and allow Touya to bring the smartphone!

9.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Spoiler Iris – The Lady and her Smartphone. … I feel that she knows about the GDuke and Iris mom as she has that picture in one of her favorite reading book, I think she knows that GDuke loved a lot another woman but married her (maybe because of duty or some other stuff…still unclear)…she knows but I think she loved the GDuke and pushed …

10.Iris Lady With A Smartphone Novel

Spoiler Iris – The Lady and her Smartphone. … True~ I wonder what part is the webtoon is on rn at the novel. Webtoon is curently on Ch80 while Novel has up to Ch262. Btw on the epilogues, it was heavily hinted that Annakin ends up with: (but again pls take with a grain of salt, My korean proficiency is still at the beginner level and I use …

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1  (MANHWA) IRIS – Lady With a Smartphone | Chapter 1 | English
Author(s) :Soo-Wan Too – Hye-Yi Yoon Genres: Romance – Shoujo The husband was in love with her cousin and the family was taken away by cigar. The moment I fell into despair and to end my life; the memory of my past life came to my mind. The life of a white-haired worker in Seoul, returning to the past, she decided. “I will not be abandoned by …
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