Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

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1.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

Voters can take a selfie inside the polling place but they’re not allowed to feature a marked ballot in the frame, according to KARE 11. Mississippi : Yes. You can take a photo but not with a …

2.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

“The intent of the law was to take a picture of your ballot and only your ballot,” Corley said. “By taking a traditional selfie, there could be someone behind you, talking to one of our poll …

3.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

So instead of sharing a ballot selfie, consider taking a photo with an “I Voted” sticker. Some states, including Washington , Louisiana , and Utah , as well as the nonpartisan nonprofit When We All Vote , have released digital stickers that you can download and print, while Instagram recently unveiled several sticker options that you can add to your Story.

4.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

The ballot-selfie laws are no laughing matter in states where it is deemed illegal. Such a violation can even lead to a $1,000 fine in certain states.

5.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

If you’re, say, Justin Timberlake, your ballot selfie might come to the attention of the state, but even then, a state’s “limited resources”—and, probably, unwillingness to fight for …

6.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

In many states, it’s perfectly legal to share a so-called “ballot selfie,” so have at it. But taking a photo of your ballot and posting it online is not allowed in at least 14 states, and in …

7.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

Find out if it’s legal to photograph your ballot … The Board of Elections adopted new rules in time for November’s election that allow for selfie-taking … But photos of mailed ballots are OK.

8.Is it OK To Take a Selfie With Your Ballot?

Taking a photograph of your ballot and posting it to the Internet is illegal or will invalidate your vote. Posting a picture of one’s completed ballot on social media sites such as Snapchat …

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1.Can I take a ballot selfie? And what’s OK to wear when voting

… and take a picture if you want to take a selfie, is to take a picture of yourself outside the polling place with your “I voted” sticker and post away,” he said. Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley says he doesn’t even like the …

Published Date: 2020-10-26T20:27:15.0000000Z

2.Is it Illegal to Take a Ballot Selfie? It Depends on State Laws

Ok … 18 days until the election! Have you sent your ballots in?? Text me a photo of your “I Voted” stickers! 615-235-5390 ️ But marked ballot selfies aren’t the only photos that can get people in trouble with the law. Atkeson said that taking photos …

Published Date: 2020-10-28T19:17:00.0000000Z

3.Should You Take a Ballot Selfie?

Showing your ballot to anyone, including your Instagram followers, is against the law in New York and several other states. So … maybe not!

Published Date: 2020-10-17T03:17:00.0000000Z

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1  Where Can You Legally Take A Ballot Selfie?
Before you take that selfie in the ballot watch this. Hannah Cranston and Jason Carter tell you where you can take a ballot selfie. Tell us who you are voting for in the comments below. Don’t forget guys, if you like this video please “Like,” “Favorite,” and “Share” it with your friends to show your support – it really helps us out! If …
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1.Paul Nehlen

Ryan with 84% of the votes. When he posted a ballot selfie on election day, the Town of Delavan police said he had committed election fraud, a Class…

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2018-06-19. Juarez, Sierra; Zielinski, Alex (2017-08-04). "Gov. Abbott is totally OK with sharing fake news". San Antonio Current. Archived from the original…

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