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1.jeff wittek accident

Jeff Wittek is one of the newer additions to the group, and he’s known for being the pretty boy of the group and he’s also the host of Jeff’s Barbershop.On June 30, the YouTube star posted about being in a serious accident, and rumors have been circulating that he got injured while filming a vlog.

2.jeff wittek accident

Jeff Wittek’s car accident updates. The 30-year-old social media star claimed that he hadn’t posted any pictures in the past few weeks because he got into an accident. The social media star went on to add that he had severely injured his face and even his skull in a few places.

3.jeff wittek accident

At the beginning of the lockdowns resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, many of the Vlog Squad members refrained from posting their regular content featuring stunts. However, some began to get back on schedule with more high risk content as the lockdowns persisted. In the wake of Jeff’s accident, a multitude of online users wondered […]

4.jeff wittek accident

Fans waited the said day but couldn’t see any update from Wittek. However, by June 30, Jeff made a post, explaining that he had not been able to post the pictures of his hair as promised because of the injuries he sustained from an accident. Jeff Wittek Death. Fake news blogs claimed that Wittek has died following a motor vehicle accident.

5.jeff wittek accident

Jeff Wittek Accident : What happened to Jeff Wittek. This is a developing story that Jeff Wittek Accident may have been in involve in a car accident and survived . We have not been able to verify this story and therefore can not say for sure that the above mentioned individual was involve in auto accident. This is a developing story.

6.jeff wittek accident

Jeff Wittek is a celebrity barber and internet personality. More recently, the 30-year-old from Staten Island, New York, has moved into the world of YouTube, with over 2 million subscribers.

7.jeff wittek accident

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8.jeff wittek accident

Celebrity hairstylist Jeff Wittek has gained a tremendous amount of popularity on YouTube over the last several years, making life-changing transformation videos, and sometimes inviting famous actors on set. However, there’s no denying that he’s had somewhat of a rough past leading up to his fame.

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