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NameJenna Ellis How old is Jenna Ellis Rives / Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOBNovember 1st, 1984. As of 2020, she is around 36 years old. Biography Profile / Wiki Information

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Jenna Ellis (born 1983 or 1984) is an American lawyer for Donald Trump. She is a former deputy district attorney in Weld County, Colorado and a former assistant professor of legal studies at Colorado Christian University. As a private lawyer, she has litigated cases in state courts. In 2015, she self-published The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution, a book arguing that the Constitution of …

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Jenna Ellis Jenna Ellis was born on November 1, 1984, and from Washington, District of Columbia, United States. She is a Senior Legal Advisor at Trump 2020 Campaign and Jenna is one of those attorneys alleging widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. On November 21st, she tweeted “This is all about election official fraud.

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Jenna Ellis is a lawyer and advocate who is also known for contributing to the Beltway Confidential Blog. Jenna is also a radio host. In addition to this, she has also written a book titled The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution. Apart from that, she worked as a senior legal advisor at the Trump 2020 election campaign.

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Jenna Ellis is an American constitutional law attorney who also works as the legal advisor for President Trump at his 2020 campaign. Moreover, she also works as a contributor to the Beltway Confidential Blog. Besides, she is a radio host and also an author.

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Jenna Ellis is an American constitutional law attorney who came into recognition when she worked as the senior legal advisor at the Presidential Campaign 2020 on side of Donald Trump. Ellis, Trump’s legal adviser even called him an ‘idiot’ back in 2016. She even said Trump’s values were “not American” calling it an “American fascist”.

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Jenna Ellis is a constitutional law attorney and the Senior Legal Adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign. She is also an author and an on-air legal analyst for Moody Bible Institute Radio and a contributor to Beltway Confidential Blog on Washington Examiner.

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David Rives is the wife of Jenna Ellis, one of the American lawyers and attorneys. David has written some wonderful books like Walk Yourself Fit, Enough is Enough, and Bible Knows Best. He even runs his own television show named Creation in the 21st Century.

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Jenna Ellis is a prominent figure in the Trump 2020 campaign. She first arrived within public consciousness in 2018 when the president mentioned her in one of his tweets. Ellis now serves as the legal adviser for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, appearing on news panels often in recent weeks.

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— Jenna Ellis, after the Pulse … Ellis’ husband, David Rives, is also a Trump supporter who runs an online broadcast network devoted to promoting Creationism and frequently contributes video …

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1  Real News Insights with Jenna Ellis Rives
The choice for 2020 is clear. While the Democrats fight to be the most Radical candidate, I am fighting for the American people!
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