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1Joe Biden

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2joe biden kissing kids
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gave his 19-year-old granddaughter a kiss on the lips during a campaign rally in Iowa on Sunday, prompting some grossed-out responses on social media.

3joe biden kissing kids
Another shows Biden leaning in to kiss his grandson during his 2013 swearing-in ceremony as vice president. RELATED: No, this photo doesn’t show Joe Biden engaging in disturbing behavior with a boy

4joe biden kissing kids
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5joe biden kissing kids
Other photographs taken by the same photographer at the funeral show Biden kissing the top of his granddaughter’s head and walking with his widowed daughter-in-law, her children, and his own wife.

6joe biden kissing kids
An image circulated online by social media users claims to show Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden kissing a young girl on the cheek ( and archive …

7joe biden kissing kids
A photo shared on social media allegedly shows Joe Biden inappropriately holding a boy’s face. The different posts feature a photo which shows Biden hugging a boy while kissing him on the …

8Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden was filmed forcing a young girl to touch his crotch during a ceremonial Senate swearing-in session at the Capitol on January 6, 2015. The video by C-SPAN shows the startled girl recoiling in shock at what she was forced to feel. One observer describes the act by Biden as a…

9joe biden kissing kids
Joe Biden’s wandering hands and obsessive sniffing … (obsessively smelling the heads of small children and grabbing and kissing people who didn’t ask … weirding out other people’s kids.

10joe biden kissing kids
Below are some videos of Joe Biden groping, kissing, petting, and smelling little girls, many of whom seem extremely uncomfortable with his advances. The most recent was from a video published on Twitter where Biden appears to close his eyes and smell this baby’s ears. Really weird. I agree with the publisher — Biden is not well.

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1Jill Biden shrugs off Trump attacks on Joe’s cognitive state
Jill Biden on Wednesday shrugged off President Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden’s mental abilities, saying her husband is ‘totally engaged’ and the criticism was ‘ridiculous.’
Published Date: 2020-08-20T00:13:00.0000000Z

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1  Is Joe Biden’s Touchiness Out Of Touch? Revisit His Mock Swear-Ins | NBC News
Former Vice President Joe Biden has been criticized for unwanted physical contact, stemming from his b
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1Joe Biden
Brice-Saddler, Michael (March 29, 2019). "Nevada Democrat accuses Joe Biden of touching and kissing her without consent at 2014 event". Los Angeles Times. Retrieved… Biden

2Alyssa Milano
lead on day one. I’m endorsing Joe Biden for President". @Alyssa_Milano. "Alyssa Milano Is Still Standing By Joe Biden Despite Criticism She Received… Milano

3Queer Eye (2018 TV series)
Jill Biden and advocated for Joe Biden to be the next U.S. President. In the video, the cast comments on the Trump administration and argues that Biden verbatim… Eye (2018 TV series)