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1.John Hummel Execution

Hummel, 44, was convicted in 2011 of capital murder in the December 2009 fatal stabbing of his pregnant wife, Joy Hummel, 45, and fatal bludgeoning of his father-in-law, Clyde Bedford, 57, with a…

2.John Hummel Execution

John William Hummel is scheduled to be executed at 6 pm local time on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at the Walls Unit of the Huntsville State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas.

3.John Hummel Execution

Hummel, 44, was sentenced to death in 2011 after he was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, Joy Hummel, and father-in-law, Clyde Bedford. Evidence suggests he may have also killed his 5-year-old daughter, but he was not convicted of her death.

4.John Hummel Execution

John William Hummel, 44, who was scheduled to be executed on Wednesday, argued that in the wake of new restrictions being placed on Texas prisons due to the global pandemic – specifically, the cancellation of visitations for prisoners – the state should delay his execution until such time as he can be visited before his death.

5.John Hummel Execution

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Monday halted an execution set for this week due to the new coronavirus. The state’s high criminal court ordered that Wednesday’s execution, set for…

6.John Hummel Execution

John William Hummel – Texas Execution – June 30, 2021 Those wishing to create an account, please contact the site administration and we will set up your account manually. We do this so we know you’re real, and not a bot. Virtual party every first and fifteenth of the month!

7.John Hummel Execution

Officials say Hummel, 34, of Kennedale, Texas, is charged with fatally stabbing his pregnant wife, Joy, and using a baseball bat in the beating deaths of his 5-year-old daughter, Jodi, and his…

8.John Hummel Execution

On 1/15/2021, the TCCA issued a stay of execution and remanded his case to the trial court. 999561: Gary Green: 10/22/2010: 999563: Travis James Mullis: 5/23/2011: 999567: John William Hummel: 6/26/2011: Scheduled for 6/30/2021. 999568: Tedderick R. Batiste: 7/27/2011: 999570: Kwame Rockwell: 1/30/2012: 999576: Steven Lawayne Nelson: 10/16/2020

9.John Hummel Execution

John William Hummel: November 4, 1975: 45 34 11 White Profile: 5 August 11, 2021: Timothy L. Hoffner: June 6, 1972: 49 21 28 Ohio: To be determined: Profile: 6 September 8, 2021: John Henry Ramirez: June 29, 1984: 37 20 17 Hispanic Texas Lethal injection Profile: 7 September 15, 2021: John David Stumpf: September 16, 1960: 60 23 37 White Ohio …

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1.Coronavirus outbreak postpones Texas killer’s execution

An inmate facing execution Wednesday in the Texas death chamber for killing his family won a reprieve due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Monday stayed John …

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orchards unprofitable, he became a poultry grower instead. Tourtellotte and Hummel designed not only the residence but a fine small barn with jerkin-head roof…

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