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1.John Travolta Alien Movie

Directed by Roger Christian. With John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Barry Pepper, Kim Coates. It’s the year 3000 A.D., and the Earth is lost to the alien race of Psychlos. Humanity is enslaved by these gold-thirsty tyrants, who are unaware that their ‘man-animals’ are about to ignite the rebellion of a lifetime.

2.John Travolta Alien Movie

Directed by Jon Turteltaub. With John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall. An ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis.

3.John Travolta Alien Movie

Battlefield Earth (also referred to as Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000) is a 2000 American science fiction action film based on the 1982 novel of the same name by L. Ron Hubbard.It was directed by Roger Christian and stars John Travolta, Barry Pepper and Forest Whitaker.The film follows a rebellion against the alien Psychlos, who have ruled Earth for 1,000 years.

4.John Travolta Alien Movie

When an alien race called the Psyclos turns the Earth into a mining colony, it’s up to rebel hero, Johnny Goodboy, to lead a revolt and save the planet from the giant alien species.

5.John Travolta Alien Movie

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6.John Travolta Alien Movie

Television sequel. A sequel-remake, titled Phenomenon II, was developed for television as part of The Wonderful World of Disney series (1995–2005). The film was released in Season 45, Episode 3 and aired November 1, 2003. The TV movie was directed by Ken Olin and written by Gerald Di Pego.The movie stars:

7.John Travolta Alien Movie

The following is the filmography of American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, singer, dancer, musician and pilot John Travolta.Travolta first became well known in the 1970s, after appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter (1975–1979) and starring in the box office successes Saturday Night Fever and Grease.His acting career declined throughout the 1980s, but enjoyed a …

8.John Travolta Alien Movie

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9.John Travolta Alien Movie

Terrible special effects in popular alien movies. … In the closing shot, John Travolta’s character is trapped in a poorly executed CG cage inside of a digitally rendered Fort Knox, …

10.John Travolta Alien Movie

The Five Worst John Travolta Movie Roles of His Career Tom 3 years ago John Travolta has had his fair share of misses when it comes to bad movies, but some have just been flat out horrible.

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5.Commandos Universe: PHASE 2

X The Zodiacs of the Universe: A teenage slacker/gamer from the 1970’s gets abducted and experimented by extraterrestrials before escaping to live the rest of his life on an icy planet. Years later, he becomes part of an intergalactic team of aliens as well as the princess of the entire universe,

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1  Battlefield Earth meeting scene
A scene from the infamous Battlefield Earth movie which is based on the L. Ron Hubbard book of the same name. Hubbard as we know was not only a science fiction writer, but the founder of the Church of Scientology which is infamous for it’s practices and it is viewed as a cult. Specifically with the book though, he wanted a film adaption made …
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1.John Travolta

John Joseph Travolta (born February 18, 1954) is an American actor, singer, dancer, and pilot. Travolta rose to fame during the 1970s, appearing on the…

2.Battlefield Earth (film)

Roger Christian and stars John Travolta, Barry Pepper and Forest Whitaker. The film follows a rebellion against the alien Psychlos, who have ruled Earth…

3.Dan Byrd

original 1977 cult classic film. Also in 2006, Byrd starred opposite John Travolta in the period crime thriller Lonely Hearts. The story follows real-life…

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