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1.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

Jordan immediately apologized, posting to his Instagram a lengthy letter which reads, “I wrote some offensive jokes on Twitter in 2012 when I was 19 that are now being circulated online. I am deeply regretful and sorry for these tweets; I was young and dumb and trying to find my comedic voice.

2.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

A lot of comedians found their footing and fanbase in 2020, thanks to all of us spending more time on social media. Stars like Luke Millington Drake and Mary-Alice Farina took advantage of fans seeking comfort in short-form comedic clips (Luke’s signature bit is his Kiera Knightly impersonation, whereas Mary-Alice went viral for her 2020 version of Miranda Priestly looking down on people who …

3.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

Jordan Firstman tweets on Twitter get him cancelled. The comedian made some jokes that did not fit well with people. He has now apologized.

4.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

10 min jokes for December 2020, BEST COUB, TIK TOК, jordan firstman twitter jokesFriends, here’s a selection of the best 10 min jokes for December 2020 on Y…

5.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

Jordan Firstman Offensive Tweets From 2012. On December 23, 2020, Diet Prada dug up a string of since-deleted tweets of Jordan where Jordan made fun of homeless people, black lives, and the Indian race. Although nothing can be found on Jordan’s Twitter handle except a Spotify ad now, Jordan’s tweets from 2012 have gone viral on the Internet.

6.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

Jordan Firstman, 28, is the color commentator of COVID, with sharp impressions like “ a famous actress helping America through the pandemic,” in which he quips cringey advice like, “If you go to a…

8.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

Almost all the impressions Jordan Firstman posts to Instagram begin the same: with his head in the frame and the subject of his imitation spelled out in text. In one posted on April 9 of this year, Firstman reclines in a brown leather seat, behind which is a window overlooking a breezy Los Angeles afternoon. He’s only visible from the neck up — with a gold-hoop earring and a world-weary …

9.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

If anyone can get funny lady/social media queen Chrissy Teigen to bust up laughing, we definitely want to know about them. And, in 2020, that person happened to be Jordan Firstman, a 29-year-old TV…

10.Jordan Firstman Twitter Jokes

Jordan Firstman has had one hell of a 2020. The TV writer turned Instagram darling has become one of the most reliable sources of Internet glee thanks to his hilarious and slightly unhinged …

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1.Someone Exposed Comedian Jordan Firstman’s Racist Tweets From 2012

If you follow or have heard of Jordan Firstman, the comedian is currently is some hot water. Someone exposed several racist and offensive tweets he posted back in 2012.

Published Date: 2020-12-24T02:04:00.0000000Z

2.Twitter: Why is Jordan Firstman cancelled? His past tweets explored!

Jordan Firstman tweets on Twitter get him cancelled. The comedian made some jokes that did not fit well with people. He has now apologized.

Published Date: 2020-12-24T02:50:00.0000000Z

3.‘Euphoria’ star hilariously calls out director for insulting his home during Zoom audition

Gage, 25, shared a video on Instagram and Twitter of the awkward moment and … Writer and comedian Jordan Firstman encouraged Gage to “NAME NAMES.” “100k likes for the name.”

Published Date: 2020-11-21T21:31:00.0000000Z

4.Inspired By His Wildest Dreams, Instagram Sensation Jordan Firstman Gives Versace The Funny Treatment

Thought you’d seen it all when it comes to Christmas films? Let Versace, Jordan Firstman and an inscrutable co-star prove otherwise. Let the glamour begin. In partnership with Some of us take our dreams for what they are — just moments of imagination …

Published Date: 2020-12-10T12:05:00.0000000Z

5.Sy Sperling Brought Dignity to the Bald

He introduces himself as Sy Sperling, the president of the Hair Club for Men. He’s not too handsome, and he’s not a professional pitchman. He gives a speech that has been rehearsed and that he is orating in a Bronx-Long Island slow-rolling diction that is hypnotic.

Published Date: 2020-12-23T10:33:00.0000000Z

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1  How Jordan Firstman Became The Most Popular Person on Instagram
I spoke to funny man and Instagram superstar Jordan Firstman about his hysterical impressions and making people laugh during the pandemic. Subscribe to my channel: Follow me on Instagram: Subscribe to my podcast: Follow me on Facebook …
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