Kim Jong Un in Wikipedia

1.  Kim Jong-un
Kim Jongun (officially transcribed Kim Jong Un; Korean: 김정은 (Hanja: 金正恩); Korean pronunciation: [kim.dzɔŋ.ɯn]; born 8 January 1983 or 1984) is a North… Jong-un

2.  Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il (officially transcribed Kim Jong Il; Korean: 김정일; Korean pronunciation: [kim.dzɔŋ.il]; 16 February 1941 or 1942 – 17 December 2011) was the… Jong-il

3.  Kim Yo-jong
youngest daughter of former supreme leader Kim Jong-il. Her brother is Kim Jongun, the current supreme leader. She is an alternate member of the Politburo… Yo-jong

4.  Kim Jong-nam
regime. His younger paternal half-brother, Kim Jongun, was named heir apparent in September 2010. Kim Jong-nam died on 13 February 2017 in Malaysia as… Jong-nam

5.  Kim Jong-chul
brother is Kim Jongun, now the leader of North Korea. His older half-brother was Kim Jong-nam, who was assassinated in February 2017. In 2007, Jong-chul was… Jong-chul

6.  Death and state funeral of Kim Jong-il
shock. His son Kim Jongun was announced as North Korea’s next leader with the title of "The Great Successor" during the same newscast. Jong-il’s funeral… and state funeral of Kim Jong-il

7.  Kim Jong-un bibliography
Kim Jongun (born 8 January 1984) has been the leader of North Korea since the death of Kim Jong-il, the previous leader and his father. On 15 April 2012… Jong-un bibliography

8.  Assassination of Kim Jong-nam
eldest son of deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and the half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jongun at the time. Four North Korean suspects… of Kim Jong-nam

9.  Kim Jong-suk
North Korean leader Kim Il-sung’s first wife, former leader Kim Jong-il’s mother, and current leader Kim Jongun‘s grandmother. Kim Jong-suk was born on December… Jong-suk

10.  Kim Jong-un (disambiguation)
Kim Jongun (born 1983 or 1984) is the current Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, serving as the 3rd supreme leader of North Korea. Kim Jongun Jong-un (disambiguation)