Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

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1.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question “Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?…1. Lip 2. Liver 3. Lute 4. Luck Step 2 : Answer to the question “Labellum comes from a Latin word for what? Lip – Labellum originated in 19th century Latin, and is thought to be a diminutive of the word “labrum” (lip).:

2.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

Find labellum (Noun) in the Latin Online Dictionary with English meanings, all fabulous forms & inflections and a conjugation table: labellum, labelli, labello, labellum, labella, labellorum

3.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

labellum. ( ləˈbɛləm) n, pl -la ( -lə) 1. (Botany) the part of the corolla of certain plants, esp orchids, that forms a distinct, often lobed, lip. 2. (Zoology) a lobe at the tip of the proboscis of a fly. [C19: New Latin, diminutive of Latin labrum lip]

4.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

Labellum definition is – the median and usually most morphologically distinct member of the corolla of an orchid.

5.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

Labellum is New Latin. Which is still a dead language… I think. And in Latin that word was a diminutive form of labrum, which means “lip”. That’s sort of what the labellum looks like in …

6.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

Latin dictionary Previous: J Table of contents … contents . L labefacio labefeci labefactum : to shake, loosen / impair. labefacto : to weaken, disturb / shake violently. labellum : a little lip / a small washing vessel. labes labis : stain, blemish, disgrace … lacuna : missing letters, words, or phrases in a manuscript. lacuna : a hole …

7.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

“Cerebellum” comes from Latin word that means “little brain” Literally means little brain It looks like a little brain that’s shoved at the back of your larger brain Critical to the coordination of movements and physical balance Note that the initiation of muscle movements (moving right hand, etc.) actually comes from some higher order structures in the forebrain More about …

8.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

(anatomy, usually in the plural) A liplike structure; especially one of the two pairs of folds of skin on either side of the vulva. Hyponyms: labium majus, labium minus (botany) The lip of a labiate corolla. (entomology) A lower mouthpart of an insect that is formed by the second pair of maxillae united in the middle line.

9.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

Other words came in, even though an adequate Old English term already existed, and this caused enrichment of the Old English vocabulary: culcer and læfel “spoon” from Latin coclearium and labellum beside Old English spōn and hlædel (Modern English ladle); Old English forca from Latin furca “fork” next to Old English gafol; Old English scamol …

10.Labellum comes from a Latin word for what?

redeo : to go back, come back, return / (revenue) to come in. redeo : to fall back upon, be reduced to, be brought to. redigo (redactum) : to bring or reduce to a condition, lessen.

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1.Latin influence in English

of the English vocabulary comes from Romance and Latinate sources. A portion of these borrowings come directly from Latin, or through one of the Romance…


a spice derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, primarily obtained from pods of the Mexican species, flat-leaved vanilla (V. planifolia). The word

3.Glossary of botanical terms

from the labellum which can be variously shaped from papillae to plates. 4.  In grasses, a hardened extension from the base of a floret (formed from the…

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