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1lincoln project ad mirror
In its latest ad, “The Girl in the Mirror,” the Lincoln Project reminds voters that Donald Trump is a chauvinistic pig and Senator Kamala Harris is a role model all young ladies could look up to. The one minute spot starts off with a girl looking in a mirror with the narrator telling the viewer …

2lincoln project ad mirror
Titled ‘Girl In The Mirror’, … The latest Lincoln Project ad comes just days after the president essentially begged for the votes of suburban women. At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, …

3lincoln project ad mirror
A new ad from the Lincoln Project urges voters to consider what it would be … “Imagine a young girl looking in the mirror, … And the Lincoln Project is a group of Never Trump …

4lincoln project ad mirror
In a stunningly emotional ad that hits right at the heart of what women have been feeling for four years under this president, the Lincoln Project’s new ad asks, “When your daughter looks in the …

5lincoln project ad mirror
The latest Lincoln Project ad takes aim at President Donald Trump’s habit of insulting women. The new ad, “Girl in the Mirror,” views the Nov. 3 election through the eyes of girls and young women …

6lincoln project ad mirror
October 16, 2020 — A new video released today by the Lincoln Project, “Girl in the Mirror,” asks Americans to imagine the upcoming election through the lens of our nation’s young women. Constantly bombarded by Donald Trump’s demeaning, misogynistic rhetoric, young girls have spent the last four years witnessing the leader of the free world suffer no consequences for his mistreatment …

7lincoln project ad mirror
Latest ad from The Lincoln Project contrasts Donald Trump’s misogyny with Kamala … “Girl in the Mirror,” a 90-second video released … Executive Director of the Lincoln Project.

8lincoln project ad mirror
The Lincoln Project’s latest ad gives a hearty “thank you” to President Donald Trump, but it isn’t the kind that he will enjoy. What the Lincoln Project appreciates is that Trump has …

9lincoln project ad mirror
Mon., May 18, 2020-The Lincoln Project released a new ad today, “This Week.” The ad highlights a horrific truth in America — this week will be worse than the last: thousands will die, millions will become unemployed, and more small businesses will collapse — all due to the failure in leadership from President Donald J. Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic.

10lincoln project ad mirror
Paid for by The Lincoln Project. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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1Lincoln Project Ad Asks Voters to Imagine How Young Girls Feel Watching Trump Verbally Attack Women
“Imagine a young girl looking in the mirror, searching for role models. Now imagine how she feels when she watches women being verbally attacked,” the ad’s female narrator says.
Published Date: 2020-10-16T16:24:05.0000000Z

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1  Lincoln Project anti-Trump/Pence ad: Adultery
Lincoln Project anti-Trump/Pence ad: Adultery
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