Microsoft AZ-303 Exam: Required Knowledge, Format and Structure and Use of Practice Tests

Microsoft AZ-303 is one of the expert-level exams, which is required for taking if you want to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge. There is a lot that you should know about this test before commencing with your preparation for it. Therefore, let’s talk about it in detail to know all the important information related to this certification exam.

Microsoft AZ-303: Potential candidates

This exam is aimed at those IT professionals who have the relevant abilities and skills for designing as well as implementing solutions that are running on Microsoft Azure, including such aspects as compute, storage, security, and network. There are also a number of responsibilities and tasks for the solutions architects. They include giving advice to the stakeholders and translating the requirements of a business into scalable, secure, and reliable Cloud solutions. Basically, these specialists usually partner with the clients, Cloud DBAs, and Cloud administrators to implement them. Microsoft AZ-303 is based on the following knowledge areas:

  • Implementing and monitoring Azure infrastructure;
  • Implementing solutions for apps;
  • Implementing management and security solutions;
  • Implementing and managing data platforms.

You should also determine whether you have the knowledge qualifications to take this test or not. Those who are applying for this exam should have the following:

  • Expert-level skills in Azure administration and experience in DevOps and Azure development;
  • Advanced knowledge and high-level understanding in the domains, such as security, virtualization, business continuity, networking, data platform, disaster recovery, governance, budgeting, and identity. The potential candidates for this exam should also have the relevant skills to manage decisions in all the areas and be able to affect an overall solution;
  • The applicants are also required to have knowledge and experience in various IT operations.

Microsoft AZ-303: Exam format

Of course, it is also important to know the format of any exam before attempting it. As for the Microsoft AZ-303 test, the total number of questions that you need to deal with can be between 40 and 60. As for the question types, the students are likely to face scenario-based, single-answer, and multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, mark review, and other formats. The learners can explore all about these different types and how to respond to them by checking out the official FAQ section as well as using exam dumps during their preparation process.

To apply for this test, the fee that you are required to pay is $165. Please note that you can take Microsoft AZ-303 in the English language only. And to pass it, you must score 700 or more points.

Microsoft AZ-303: Preparation guidelines

After you have found out all the details regarding the exam requirements and aspects and have made up your mind to appear for it, the next step is to start your preparation. We have gathered the general guidelines that you can use to follow and eventually succeed:

  1. Visit the Microsoft website to look for the recommended study materials;
  2. Take the official instructor-led training course;
  3. Complement your choice with study guides, exam dumps, and other prep tools;
  4. Take practice tests to evaluate your readiness.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to master all the topics and pass the Microsoft AZ-303 exam to become closer to the expert-level certification.


To sum it all up, we hope that this post will help you understand the Microsoft AZ-303 exam. You can do more research for more details by surfing the official website and various forums and communities. Good luck!

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