Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

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1.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’ Data show women as a whole largely bouncing back from the pandemic’s economic devastation. But as Pepperdine University professor Luisa Blanco writes for …

2.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Call it the She-cession or Femcession, if you must, or just take note: In the COVID-19 downturn, women, particularly women of color, are losing jobs at a higher rate. The demographics of the losses are hard to track using federal data, which still hasn’t parsed the details of the millions of lost jobs of the past few weeks.

3.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Men do make up a majority of workers in a number of essential sectors, including law enforcement, transit and public utilities, and millions face serious and unquestionable risk as they head to …

4.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Newly released text messages obtained by Fox News show Hunter Biden’s ex-associate James Gilliar asking to ‘get Joe [Biden] involved’ in a China deal to make it look like ‘truly a family business.’

5.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Testimony given by Oxfam Canada’s Director of Policy & Campaigns, Diana Sarosi, to the Status of Women Committee on Women’s Unpaid Work.

6.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Believe it or not, yes they are. Research study after research study have shown that negative career thinking affects a number of career decision-making outcomes such as career indecision, goal instability and career decision state, as well as mental health constructs such as stress, depression, neuroticism and anxiety. In fact, multiple studies show that negative […]

7.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Since beginning to require that a panel of interviewers for any new hire include at least two women and/or members of underrepresented minorities in 2014, Intel has seen the diversity of new hires climb dramatically. In 2016, 45.1 percent were women or people of color, up from 31.9 percent in 2014.

8.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

While discussions of race are part of everyday life for many minorities, writes Boluwaji Ogunyemi, George Floyd’s murder has galvanized a global conversation on the related issues of race …

9.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

by Claudio Grass, Claudio Grass: These days, most mainstream news reports are being monopolized by the pandemic, the covid vaccine and all the new rules and lockdowns that are being enforced across the Western world, and this near-obsessive focus comes at the expense of a lot other important developments.

10.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

Taking to her Instagram Stories from the sanctuary of the Waldorf Astoria, the 2019 Love Island winner, 23, expressed her fears that she might be STUCK in the

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1.Minorities stuck in a ‘she-cession’

The “she-cession” persists for Black and Latina workers, Pepperdine University professor Luisa Blanco writes for Bloomberg Opinion.

Published Date: 2020-12-28T20:09:00.0000000Z

2.Charts to watch in 2021: The most important Canadian economic graphs for the year ahead

Until that happens, we’re all stuck in the half-life of navigating … The Canadian Liberal minority government — backstopped by the NDP — is looking to implement massive, costly programs …

Published Date: 2020-12-07T18:03:00.0000000Z

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Writing in a “Minority” Language Kurdish and Palestinian Writers on Literature and Resistance 16 January, 2020, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Chair: Dr. Duygu Atlas – The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Participants: Firat Cewerî – Kurdish novelist, translator and journalist. Fida Jiryis – Palestinian novelist The rise of nation-states and …
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