Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

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1.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

Lost lives linked to Nestlé baby formula skyrocketed, culminating in a Nestlé boycott during the 1970s. The boycott didn’t end the problem but rather spurred the call for international formula standards. Reminiscent of the Nestlé infant formula predicament is an even more recent water scandal in Africa.

2.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

Baby milk controversy. Groups such as the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) and Save the Children argue that the promotion of infant formula over breastfeeding has led to health problems and deaths among infants in less economically developed countries. There are three problems that can arise when poor mothers in developing countries switch to formula as well as one list of …

3.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

In 1974, a report entitled The Baby Killer accused Nestlé for causing illness and infant deaths in poor communities in third world countries by promoting their infant formula products at the expense of breastfeeding .The report sparked an outrage that led to an international boycott in 1977, which continues today. The persistence of Nestlé’s aggressive marketing practices illustrate …

4.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

A New York Times’ article on the scandal said one Jamaican family’s income “averaged … Dr. Stephen Joseph, blamed reliance on baby formula … More: Features Personal Finance Nestle Babies.

5.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

Obesity and diabetes show that better standards in the food industry must be enforced, writes Mike Muller, author of the 1974 baby milk scandal report Mike Muller Wed 13 Feb 2013 05.15 EST First …

6.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

New York City’s campaign against infant formula inspired us to look into the dubious history of this product.Outrage started in the 1970s, when Nestle was accused of getting third world mothers …

7.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

A good example on the debate of advertising and harm it can impose on health – the Nestle infant formula scandal, which has been going for over 30 years and has led to ongoing calls to boycott Nestle products (of which there are MANY). The short version: Nestle aggressively marketed its infant formula products in…

8.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

Nestlé is the global market leader for infant milk products with a market share of close to a quarter. It has been dogged by the advertising issue since a 1974 report called The Baby sparked a …

9.Nestle Baby Formula Scandal

Baby milk scandal: Nestlé knew what it was doing. From … obituarist suggests that “the company failed to recognise that many new mothers lacked access to clean water to make formula”, …

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1  PR Case Study: Nestle Baby Formula Scandal
For my PR Case Studies course, my partner Stacey and I put together a video case study about the Nestle and Bristol-Myers baby formula scandal, which began in the 1970s and continued to make headlines well into the 2000s.
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1.Nestlé boycott

December 21, 2016. The Formula Flap TIME Magazine, Jul. 12, 1976 Muller, Mike (February 13, 2013). "Nestlé baby milk scandal has grown up but not gone…


of the Forbes Global 2000 list of largest public companies. Nestlé‘s products include baby food, medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee…

3.Infant formula

Infant formula, baby formula or just formula (American English) or baby milk, infant milk or first milk (British English), is a manufactured food designed…

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