Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

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1.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

For the first cereal up on the list, we’re throwing it back to the 1970s with a General Mills creation that was almost an instant hit. Although it tasted like the sugariest of sugar cereals, it still had eight essential vitamins that, according to most parents, were plenty to justify serving it for breakfast.

2.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

Blast off with Major Jet and a big bowl of Sugar Jets. This 1953 cereal rose with the astronauts dreaming of orbit and the moon. Between that theme and the sugar rush promised on the box, kids couldn’t stay away. ’50s cereals became out of this world and stayed so with Orbits

3.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

Breakfast cereal is a powerful engine of nostalgia — the warm, helpful kind, not the morose, depressive kind. The relationship starts with babies, who use Cheerios like Bitcoin, and stretches into…

4.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

This cereal, which premiered in the eighties, and was around all too briefly, brought together the traditional components of Rocky Road Ice Cream (Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Nuts) in breakfast cereal form and from bowl one I was hooked. Sadly though, my love of the cereal was short but intense.

5.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

With virtually no nutritional value, Cap’n Crunch was one of the best tasting cereals. The amount of sugar was enough to make any kid get hyper AF and then crash. I guess that’s what crunch-a-tizing is. #SpoonTip: Feeling fancy AND nostalgic? Try this Captain Crunch French toast. 7. Fruit Loops

6.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

Shutterstock. Leave the Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes where they belong—in your childhood memories. The sugar rush from these cereals will mess with your blood sugar and cause you to reach for more sugary snacks later on in the day (turn to these healthy sweet snacks instead). “Classic breakfast foods can often be high in sugar, lower in nutritional value including vitamins and minerals …

7.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

Sugar Rush: Why We Can’t Trust Cereal Companies to Self-Regulate Breakfast food marketers insist that children won’t eat cereals that aren’t doused in sugar. They’re wrong.

8.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

Quisp was marketed as “the biggest selling cereal from Saturn to Alpha Centauri,” and it promised to deliver “the vitamin powered sugary cereal…for QUAZY energy” (which I am sure is code for a…

9.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

Its 7 Whole Grain Puffs is one of the best sugar-free breakfast cereals for people with diabetes, as it’s low in carbs and calories but still provides ample fiber and protein. This cereal is …

10.Nostalgia fuels cereal sugar rush

Just reading the menu at this joint in Finchley, North London, is enough to give you a sugar rush, followed by a sugar crash and a bout of prolonged nausea and self-loathing. Sample menu items:…

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1.First Coast Foodies: Get your sugar rush at Funnel Cake Queen!

So we did that.” Get ready for the sugar high with a side of nostalgia. “Customers say, ‘Oh the nostalgia!’ or ‘I haven’t had a funnel cake in years!'” said Jones.

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