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1.Notre Dame Accident

Investigators are treating the fire that engulfed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral as an accident for now, the local prosecutor’s office said Monday evening.

2.Notre Dame Accident

Notre Dame was ‘no accident’ – why France believes Paris cathedral blaze was Europe’s 9/11 A GROWING number of French nationalists are questioning the official line on the causes of the Notre …

3.Notre Dame Accident

Notre Dame fire: Cathedral blaze ‘being treated as an accident’ as Macron vows to rebuild landmark. Paris prosecutors’ office rules out terror-related motives

4.Notre Dame Accident

“The cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire remains unknown. Everything else is a rumor” chimed USA Today. “Social media platforms ‘failed to counter Notre Dame fire misinformation’” the Guardian grumbled. Roughly speaking, here is a crude timeline of the Notre Dame Fire: 6:50 pm, fire is acknowledged. 7:00 pm, an “accident” is …

5.Notre Dame Accident

Notre Dame Car Accident – We mourn with the family of those involved in a car accident which occured on Saturday where Two Notre Dame first-year students were killed and one sophomore was hospitalized. The crash involving the University students occurred around 4 a.m., WNDU reported.

6.Notre Dame Accident

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Around 4 this morning, officials say 3 Notre Dame students were hit at the intersection of Bulla and Ironwood road, about a mile east of campus. According to Notre Dame …

7.Notre Dame Accident

Notre Dame is reporting a dramatic spike in Covid-19 cases that were traced to an off-campus party that hundreds of people had attended.

8.Notre Dame Accident

Notre Dame officials overlook the scene of an accident that left one person dead in a new development at Bulla and Twyckenham on Thursday on the Notre Dame campus.

9.Notre Dame Accident

University of Notre Dame leaders gathered Thursday (Oct. 28) to express their profound sorrow and grief over the death of Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old junior from Long Grove, Ill., who died Wednesday (Oct. 27) in an accident at a Notre Dame football practice field. “There is no greater sadness for a university community than the death of one of its students,” Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C …

10.Notre Dame Accident

Notre Dame officials must now rewind what happened on the practice field Oct. 27 and take steps to avoid the mistakes that cost a student his life. University police and OSHA investigations were ongoing in South Bend as of this writing, with plenty of questions to be answered. Was the lift parked on concrete or natural grass?

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1.Two Notre Dame students killed, 1 injured after being hit by car

A vehicle is believed to have hit the three students, who were walking in the street, and then crashed into a house.

Published Date: 2020-10-24T23:12:00.0000000Z

2.2 Notre Dame students killed, 1 injured after being hit by car in South Bend

The three were hit in the 54000 block of Ironwood Drive in South Bend, according to police and residents in the area.

Published Date: 2020-10-25T01:18:00.0000000Z

3.2 Notre Dame students killed, 1 injured after struck by car in Indiana

A vehicle struck three University of Notre Dame students, killing two of them, early Saturday in the northern Indiana city that’s home to the university’s campus.

Published Date: 2020-10-25T10:40:00.0000000Z

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1  Notre Dame Fire…NOT an accident!
Notre Dame means “Our Lady” in English and this is nothing less than the destruction of the “divine feminine” in this 800 year old building. 8 is connected to the moon and femininity. The mayor of Paris is 58 years old and the date numerology is 59. “Freemasonry” = 58 and 59. This is a government created and planned disaster to remove the …
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NotreDame de la Garde (literally: Our Lady of the Guard), in French for Marseille’s citizens “la bonne mère” (the good (holy) mother), is a Catholic basilica…

2.Knute Rockne

was a Norwegian-American football player and coach at the University of Notre Dame. Rockne is regarded as one of the greatest coaches in college football…

3.Pont Notre-Dame

The Pont NotreDame is a bridge that crosses the Seine in Paris, France linking the quai de Gesvres on the Rive Droite with the quai de la Corse on the…

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