Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin

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1Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Occam’s razor says he and apparently you think cranking your hog during a meeting is ok if nobody sees it … Tags: Conor Friedersdorf Jeffrey Toobin Occam’s Razor Puritan. recent stories.

2Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
The now-infamous Jeffrey Toobin Zoom incident has found a small faction of prominent defenders online. A quick reminder to them, and everyone else: No. … Occam’s Razor, …

3Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
William of Occam was an English scholastic philosopher who died in 1347. He was an important figure in Western medieval thought who has been known for a methodological principle that bears his name. He developed a principle of parsimony (Occam’s Razor as it came to be called) in explaining things and in theory building.

4Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin took it out. And we’ll never get tired of pointing and laughing at him for it, because he’s worked very hard over the years to earn our schadenfreude. But the Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf doesn’t see it that way: When Occam’s Razor suggests someone humiliated himself through a combo of technological error, pandemic circumstances,…

5Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin’s latest exposé has gone viral; however, it’s not in a good way. Toobin, a veteran writer for The New Yorker and a legal analyst for CNN, was suspended from the magazine after he exposed himself amid a Zoom call with several colleagues and WNYC radio last week.

6Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Yesterday, Jeffrey Toobin was suspended from his position at the New Yorker (and he’s taking some “time off” from CNN) because he got caught jerking off to a “second window” during a Zoom call with his co-workers.. Toobin, a fixture on CNN, “has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted,” the network said.

7Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin was caught with his junk out of his pants during a zoom call. … Get out with this ridiculous Occam’s Razor horseshit. Everyone got the Don’t-jerk-off-at-work memo. There’s no excuse except for white make arrogance and privilege. #MeToobin

8Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Elie Mystal @ElieNYC: @conor64 Occam’s Razor is deployed to avoid your tortured “through a combo” defense of a fellow elite white male. The most simple explanation is “he wanted to jerk it at work.” The easiest solution is “don’t jerk off at work” with a chaser of “jerking off at work has consequences.”

9Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin: suspended for whipping his Wiener out during Zoom. … When Occam’s Razor suggests someone humiliated himself through a combo of technological error, pandemic circumstances, bad judgment, & bad luck, it seems like we should react w/ empathy, …

10Occam’s Razor about Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin exposes himself on Zoom Social Issues & Current Events

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