Optimizing data warehouse storage

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1.Optimizing data warehouse storage

One of the most critical issues that warehouse managers struggle with is optimizing warehouse storage. When not done properly, it can have costly consequences such as blocked aisles, lost stocks, and low productivity. And while moving to a larger facility might be a quick solution, it isn’t a practical choice for most.

2.Optimizing data warehouse storage

Optimize Your Racking: You can save some additional space by optimizing the racking system at your warehouse. There are three options, which you can think of: Tunnel Rack: Use of tunnels racks can help increase the storage space by 5-10%, without consuming the warehouse space. For this, the cross aisles in a warehouse can be converted to racking.

3.Optimizing data warehouse storage

In a data warehouse, B-tree indexes should be used only for unique columns or other columns with very high cardinalities (that is, columns that are almost unique). The majority of indexes in a data warehouse should be bitmap indexes. In ad hoc queries and similar situations, bitmap indexes can dramatically improve query performance.

4.Optimizing data warehouse storage

How to Optimize: Optimizing your storage process is only possible when the right KPIs are properly tracked. Having a software that automatically calculates your warehouse storage utilization and tracks the right storage KPIs will allow you to determine how efficient each aspect of your storage process is.

5.Optimizing data warehouse storage

Calculate Your Total Warehouse Size Start with the total square footage of your facility. Subtract office space, restrooms and any other space that isn’t used for storage. Multiply the remaining square footage by the warehouse clear height.

6.Optimizing data warehouse storage

The first rule for optimizing your warehouse is to get organized. Without a well-planned method for organization, warehouse managers quickly find themselves in over their heads. Floor plans and employee safety need to be optimized before all else. Begin by mapping out the layout of your warehouse.

7.Optimizing data warehouse storage

Data warehouses are the foundation of business intelligence, storing the huge databases, consumer records, and other data resources that data warehousing applications will draw from. Ultimately, storage plays a pivotal role in any data warehousing effort. “Think of ‘information’ as a needle in a haystack,” says Arun Taneja, consulting analyst and founder of the Taneja Group.

8.Optimizing data warehouse storage

Another area that can maximize space utilization is to use containers in the warehouse that fits the item that is being stored. Quite often, a part is not packaged and will need to be placed in a storage container before it is stored on the racks.

9.Optimizing data warehouse storage

Quantify your storage profile in terms of capacity and utilization. Thoroughly understand the flow and utilization of the current layout, including rack configuration, slotting/pick philosophy, receiving, putaway, replenishment, inventory management and packing and shipping.

10.Optimizing data warehouse storage

Optimizing the Warehouse to Maximize Space and Efficacy Published on November 13, 2015 November 13, … Using this system can increase a warehouse’s storage density by up to 75%.

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