Pakistan lahore incident

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1.Pakistan lahore incident

ARTICLES. NEW DELHI: Lahore Police have booked as many as 400 people for allegedly assaulting and harassing a Tiktoker girl during Pakistan’s Independence Day at the historic Minar-i-Pakistan …

2.Pakistan lahore incident

The incident involving 400 men sexually harassing a woman at Lahore’s Minar-e-Pakistan has angered the nation including celebrities. The victim clothes were torn off and she was tossed in the air …

3.Pakistan lahore incident

The investigation into the 14 August Lahore incident has brought m ore important revelations about the case to light. The girl, who was allegedly assaulted at Minar-e-Pakistan in the provincial capital Lahore, underwent a medical examination at Nawaz Sharif Teaching Hospital. Investigative police have so far arrested 30 people.

4.Pakistan lahore incident

TikToker Ayesha Attacked in Pakistan at Minar-e-Pakistan by mob of hundreds of people. A tragic incident has taken place in Lahore on Independence Day, August 14 when a TikTok girl named Ayesha Akram attacked, harassed and assaulted by a mob of around 400 men at Minar-e-Pakistan of Greater Iqbal Park.

5.Pakistan lahore incident

The Pakistan Post Lahore incident: Police share WhatsApp number for information about suspects. August 18, 2021. 4 1 minute read. LAHORE: The Punjab police have released a WhatsApp number to provide information about the suspects involved in the assault of a female TikToker at Minar-e-Pakistan on the eve of August 14.

6.Pakistan lahore incident

400 people who allegedly harassed & molested a YouTuber girl, have been booked by the Lahore police. The incident took place on Pakistan’s Independence Day at the historic Minar-i-Pakistan. The police took note of the incident when videos of her harassment went viral on social media. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan & Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar were urged to take action.

7.Pakistan lahore incident

Video of Ayesha in Minar e Pakistan Lahore Incident. I always carry a little pocket scissors. Everybody asks “iss choti si kenchi se kia hi krogi?”. And I’d reply “koi tang kre tou mar du gi use.”. Today I ask myself, “iss choti si kenchi se kia hi krogi?”.

8.Pakistan lahore incident

The incident led to a diplomatic furor and deterioration in Pakistan–United States relations. A major focus of the incident was the U.S. government’s assertion that Davis was protected under the principle of diplomatic immunity due to his role as an “administrative and technical official” attached to the American consulate in Lahore.

9.Pakistan lahore incident

Minare Pakistan Lahore Incident Girl – Minar-e-Pakistan Incident has turned into a web sensation after a video began flowing via web-based media showing a young lady getting attacked and garments torn by many unidentified men at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day (fourteenth August 2021).

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1.Lahore: Hundreds of men molest woman on Pakistan’s independence day

A shocking video shows that hundreds of men assaulting a woman at Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore which houses the national monument, Minar-e-Pakistan. The incident happened on 14th August, when Pakistan was celebrating its Independence Day.

Published Date: 2021-08-19T17:15:00.0000000Z

1  Pak woman TikToker thrown in air, clothes torn by mob in Lahore | Oneindia News
In a shocking incident in Lahore, Pakistan, a female Tik Tok content maker was attacked by hundreds of men at the Minar-e-Pakistan in the city during the country’s Independence Day celebrations on August 14th. She alleges she was groped, her clothes were torn and she and her friend were robbed by the mob. #minarepakistan #TikToker #Pakistan
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