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1.patternmaster code black duck review

Patternmaster’s CODE BLACK DUCK tubes will extend out the end of your barrel 1 inch and has an effective range of 50 to 70 yards. You will see a patterns similar to a Full constriction choke on paper with a 2 ¾” or 3″ shell and a Modified with a 3 ½” shell, but because of the patented “stud ring” inside the tube, there is a much shorter shot string.

2.patternmaster code black duck review

Patternmaster Choke Technology, Code Black Duck This is the first real video for the new Shotgun Series, part 1. I wanted to start with something a little different, something that had a new and undiscovered technology vs the standard chokes that just constrict the bore of the shotgun.

3.patternmaster code black duck review

Re: Patternmaster code black by duurmeehr » Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:06 am You can’t compare the killing effectiveness of a wad stripping choke like the Patternmaster or Wadwizard to a standard constriction choke just by looking at patterns on a patterning board.

4.patternmaster code black duck review

Anyone shoot the new Patternmaster Code Black Duck choke this past season? If so, whats ur reviews on it? I currently shoot a Kicks High Flyer Full and love it! Been shooting it for years…..just wanting to try something new i guess. Im deff leaning towards to new code black choke….thanks in advance for the opinions to you guys that shoot one!

5.patternmaster code black duck review

What is everyone’s thoughts on the Patternmaster Code Black chokes. I’ve been using the factory chokes that came with my SBE II. A couple of my buddies use the duck and goose versions and like them. From what I have gathered, the choke acts like a full with 3″ shells and a modified with 3.5″. It’s hard for me to justify the price tag for just a …

6.patternmaster code black duck review

The Patternmaster Code Black “Duck” is designed for guns that only shoot 2 3/4 and 3″ shells The Patternmaster Code Black “Goose” is designed for guns the shoot 3 1/2″ shells. I haven’t seen any true noticable difference between ported and non ported per say …

7.patternmaster code black duck review

The best choke for 12 gauge goose hunting is the Patternmaster Code Black. It’s available in two models – Duck and Goose- but the model that we’re most concerned with is the Code Black Goose. This choke is designed for long range goose hunting situations of up to 70 yards and produces results in line with a full choke.

8.patternmaster code black duck review

I have the Patternmaster Code Black and the Kick High Flyer. The Code Black is “duck” and the High Flyer is a Modified. Both do very well. I have noticed that there is a little less recoil with the Kicks but the Patternmaster puts a few more pellets in the circle with duck loads. It’s kind of funny but with 3 1/2″ BB goose loads it’s the opposite.

9.patternmaster code black duck review

A: The visual difference is the color. Classic tubes are either Silver or Black Nitride. Code Black tubes are Bronze Titanium. Code Black tubes are “Game Specific” meaning: when you go into a store and you need a choke tube for Goose Hunting, Patternmaster Code Black Goose is what you will want.

10.patternmaster code black duck review

We’ve been using patternmaster choke tubes for the past 3 years and have experience with the original long range, code black goose, and the anaconda and we are …

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1  Patternmaster Code Black Duck Pattern Test
This is a video i made along with the help of my Confederate Waterfowler brother Scott. I did a pattern test to show you other hunters how awesome this product is from patternmaster. Large shot is a plus.
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2  Patternmaster Choke Review
We’ve been using patternmaster choke tubes for the past 3 years and have experience with the original long range, code black goose, and the anaconda and we are giving our review of them here. They are the best chokes for duck hunting in our experience.
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