Queen Nefertiti was once ruler of which country?

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1Queen Nefertiti was once ruler of which country?
African country where Queen Nefertiti once ruled. Let’s find possible answers to “African country where Queen Nefertiti once ruled” crossword clue. First of all, we will look for a few extra hints for this entry: African country where Queen Nefertiti once ruled. Finally, we will solve this crossword puzzle clue and get the correct word.


Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (/ ˌ n ɛ f ər ˈ t iː t i /) (c. 1370 – c. 1330 BC) was a queen of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, the Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten.Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution, in which they worshipped one god only, Aten, or the sun disc.With her husband, she reigned at what was arguably the wealthiest period of Ancient Egyptian …


Nefertiti (c. 1370 BCE–c. 1336 or 1334 BCE) was an Egyptian queen, the chief wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, also known as Akhenaten. She is perhaps best known for her appearance in Egyptian art, especially the famous bust discovered in 1912 at Amarna (known as the Berlin Bust), along with her role in the religious revolution centering on monotheistic worship of the sun disk Aten.


An Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty, Nefertiti ruled alongside her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaten, during the mid-1300s B.C.

5Queen Nefertiti was once ruler of which country?
Queen Nefertiti is a prominent queen from ancient Egypt. Her name means “a beautiful woman has come.” She left a legacy of strength, beauty, and power. She was born either in the town of Akhmim or in a country located in modern-day Syria. Historians believe that she married Akhenaten, who ruled Egypt from 1353 to 1336 B.C.

6Queen Nefertiti was once ruler of which country?
Queen Nefertiti was more than just a “Great Royal Wife”. She was once one of the most powerful women of Africa as she ruled ancient Egypt alongside her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaten. They were the power couple of their era who brought revolutionary, cultural and religious changes to Egypt.

7Nefertiti Bust

The Nefertiti Bust is a painted stucco-coated limestone bust of Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. The work is believed to have been crafted in 1345 B.C. by Thutmose because it was found in his workshop in Amarna, Egypt. It is one of the most copied works of ancient Egypt. Nefertiti has become one of the most famous women of the ancient world and an icon of feminine …


Such was Nefertiti’s power during her lifetime, based on the depictions of her performing tasks normally assigned to Pharaohs, that she was classified as co-regent rather than just a queen. Some historians suspect that she even outlived her husband and was, at the very least, an influential advisor to younger rulers which followed after—more on that later.


Nefertiti, historians say, was one of the wives of Tutankhamun’s father, Akhenaten. She was known for her beauty and was the subject of a famous 3,300-year old bust that is now in Berlin.


Nefertiti was the chief consort of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten (formerly Amenhotep IV), who reigned from approximately 1353 to 1336 BC. Known as the Ruler of the Nile and Daughter of Gods , Nefertiti acquired unprecedented power, and is believed to have held equal status to the pharaoh himself. However, much controversy lingers about Nefertiti after the twelfth regal year of Akhenaten, when …

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1  Queen Nefertiti
http://theeyeofegypt.com/ Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty, Nefertiti ruled alongside her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaten, during the mid-1300s B.C. Nefertiti, whose name means “a beautiful woman has come,” was the queen of Egypt and wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten during the 14th century B.C. http://theeyeofegypt.com/
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August 30 BC) was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. As a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, she was a descendant of its founder Ptolemy…

style of the most official artwork representing the ruler, Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (later Akhenaten) of the same eighteenth dynasty, whose wife, Nefertiti, also…

3Amarna Period
powerful in their own right. Queen Nefertiti was said to be the force behind the new monotheist religion[citation needed]. Nefertiti, whose name means "the…
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