Question: Which of the following is NOT named after its creator?

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1.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

The first evidence he found of pepperoni as a pizza topping came in 1950 from a photo of a wall menu at a pizzeria named The Spot in New Haven, Connecticut. Since then it began to trickle into toppings selections around the country. Before that, pepperoni would have been on menus but as an appetizer.

2.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

Pepperoni has been named the number one pizza topping time and time again. And if you love pepperoni, you’re probably enjoying it on more than just pizza. From pepperoni rolls to sandwiches to a cracker topping, there are many ways to enjoy this spicy sausage.A Brief History of PepperoniPepperoni is borrowed from the word peperoni, the plural of peperone, which is Italian for bell pepper …

3.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

The joy, alone, in hearing the word pepperoni uttered by a child, with its trochaic mellifluence, is truly priceless, btw: peh-peh-ROOOOOOH-nee. My parental pondering of pepperoni pizza led me recently to reflect on the origin of the nomenclature. After all, in Italian, peperoni denotes what we call bell peppers in English.

4.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

Delmonico added it to the menu, naming it after its creator. But months later the two had a falling out and Delmonico banished Wenberg, taking the dish off the menu.

5.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

Answer: Pepsi. The soft drink we now call Pepsi wasn’t always known as such. Invented in 1893 by Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist from North Carolina, the drink originally had a much more personal title: “Brad’s Drink”, named after its creator.

6.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

For its creator, its queer themes were personal “Steven Universe” creator Rebecca Sugar explains why LGBTQ representation was central to the show — and looks back on how it made TV history.

7.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

Firefighters in Beaver County had to use a good bit of sweat and a little bit of bait to free a dog that became trapped under a building on Wednesday afternoon. Shortly after 2 p.m. a rescue crew …

8.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

Order a pepperoni pizza in Italy, and you’ll most likely get a pizza topped with sweet peppers. Pepperoni pizza, the way we know it, is an American invention from 1919 or so, when Italian-American restaurants, pizzerias, and butcher shops began to flourish in America. 6. Pasta Primavera. Despite its name, pasta primavera is not of Italian origin.

9.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

If the latter is the case, the sausage will most likely be still safe to eat after the mentioned 3 weeks, but its quality probably won’t be that great. When it comes to sliced pepperoni, it’s like salami or longer-lasting deli meat .

10.Pepperoni is NOT named after its creator

This pepperoni topped the chart on pizza for its “meaty chew” and slightly crisp texture. It’s punctuated by a “burst of herbaceousness” and a well-balanced flavor. The same texture didn’t impress as unilaterally in the snacking side of things, as some tasters found the round to be more “akin to dry-cured sausage” and a little “jerky like.”

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1.Philip Johnson: An ugly history that must be named

More than 30 artists, architects, and academics are calling for the removal of the Johnson’s name from places and titles. Here’s why institutions should think twice.

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2.Mendota Heights high school will shed Sibley’s name

A Mendota Heights high school will no longer be named after Henry Sibley, the state of Minnesota’s first governor, marking the latest local move away from honoring historical figures with problematic pasts.

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3.At Johns Hopkins, Revelations About Its Founder and Slavery

The university and its medical system have long celebrated their founding benefactor as a staunch abolitionist. But newly surfaced documents tell a different story.

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4.3 Reasons Not to Be Aggressive, IPO Jenga, Facebook Sued, Disney’s Big Night

Long-term investors need to understand that an over-reliance upon tracking funds will ultimately exacerbate volatility, and once everyone is standing on the same side of the ship, destabilize financial systems.

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5.School board votes to drop Henry Sibley name from Mendota Heights high school

A Mendota Heights high school will no longer be named after Henry Sibley, the state of Minnesota’s first governor, marking the latest local move away from honoring historical figures with problematic pasts.

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