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1rittenhouse punching girl
A disturbing video clip has surfaced showing Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old suspected of shooting three people and killing two during protests in Kenosha over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, becoming involved in a fight and punching a girl from behind.

2rittenhouse punching girl
We are back on the Kyle Rittenhouse topic, a video is going around on social media of Kyle and another boy punching a girl multiple times. Along with other people jumping in! Comments on Facebook read ‘High school drama’ but if you ask me.. it just proves what I thought about this ’17 year old […]

3rittenhouse punching girl
#Repost @shaunking Kyle Rittenhouse BEATING 👊🏻 👊🏻 on a GIRL 😳 😳. Wow. 👉🏼 As conservatives hail 17 year old double murderer Kyle Rittenhouse as their new superhero, we are learning more and more about his character. ⁣ That’s him with glasses in the red, white, and blue shorts and red, white, and blue crocs.⁣

4rittenhouse punching girl
New video footage has emerged that appears to show accused 17-year-old Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse punching a girl multiple times in the back of the head.The video, which began circulating across social media platforms on Saturday, comes as debate rages over whether the young “Blue Lives Matte

5rittenhouse punching girl
Video shows Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse sucker-punching a girl

6rittenhouse punching girl
Now, footage of another violent incident allegedly involving Rittenhouse — in the same out-of-state city of Kenosha, Wisconsin — has been circulating on Twitter and people are accusing him of misogyny as well as racism after viewing the footage of him repeatedly punching a young woman.

7rittenhouse punching girl
In video that was allegedly captured on July 1 in Kenosha, Rittenhouse can be seen with a group of teenage boys and girls in a parking lot before two girls begin fighting each other. While one of the boys pulls a girl away, Rittenhouse jumps in and starts throwing his fists at the other girl, punching her repeatedly.

8rittenhouse punching girl
Maybe he was blackmailed by a leftist terrorist who threatened to blow up all of Manhattan into punching the girl. Maybe the alleged „girl“ is a space alien that is just pretending to be a girl. Maybe he is pushing the girl out of the path of a socialist bullet fired from an antifa gun by a leftist gunman.

9rittenhouse punching girl
Re: Video Shows Kyle Rittenhouse Fighting With/Punching Girl He was defending his girlfriend, i dont see anything wrong. Stop trying to disparage a hero like Kyle.

10rittenhouse punching girl
Response to BigmanPigman (Original post). Sat Aug 29, 2020, 08:19 PM. aeromanKC (1,829 posts). 3. Too bad Kyle lost his color mis matched crocs while beating up a girl. He was so proud of them.

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1  Kyle Rittenhouse punching a girl.
Kyle Rittenhouse hitting a girl. Some guys saw it. They weren’t having it and let him know real quick.
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tofi32OFgk

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