Rudy giuliani sweating last night

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1.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

On Thursday, during the final evening of the Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump’s associate Rudy Giuliani — who was sitting in attendance on the South Lawn — was caught …

2.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

The last night of the Republican National Convention featured a large crowd gathering on the lawn of the White House to hear speeches while failing to maintain proper social distance. As if that weren’t gross enough, former NYC mayor and lawyer to the President Rudy Giuliani was sitting in the audience sweating profusely.

3.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

As the press conference waned on, Giuliani began sweating. But instead of the usual transparent, water-like appearance of perspiration, black streaks began running down his face. Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, speaks during a news conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters, Thursday Nov. 19, 2020, in Washington.

4.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

To finish, let’s remember that as of around 9PM last night (SA time), the Trump campaign was one win, and 29 losses, in post-election lawsuits since election day. That number is expected to worsen, with an estimated 20 cases still before the court as of last night.

5.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye malfunction was the main topic of discussion last night on late night TV. The hits keep coming for Rudy Giuliani. The former New York City and President Donald Trump’s …

6.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

Rudy Giuliani, who is leading Trump’s legal efforts to challenge his election loss, was sweating with brown hair dye apparently running down both of his cheeks as he spouted these claims at a …

7.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had yet another wild night on TV, screaming insults at a fellow guest on Fox News, spinning conspiracy theories about former Vice President Joe Biden and claiming the State Department initiated his contacts with Ukraine on behalf of President Donald Trump.

8.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

Sweating Rudy Giuliani presents ‘evidence’ for ‘massive voting fraud’ as hair dye runs … ‘The president way ahead on election night,’ Giuliani added. … The last time this happened was in …

9.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

E very once in a while something happens that’s so insane every late-night host is contractually obligated to make fun of it. Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye-dripping My Cousin Vinny press conference …

10.Rudy giuliani sweating last night

Rudy Giuliani makes increasingly desperate claims of voter fraud at a press conference in Washington. Mr Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in a number of other states, including Michigan, with …

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1.All the Best Late-Night Jokes About Rudy Giuliani’s Literal Meltdown

Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon went all-in on Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye-dripping mess of a press conference.

Published Date: 2020-11-20T09:12:00.0000000Z

2.Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew is latest Trump staffer to get Covid-19

Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew tested positive for coronavirus Friday. He works as a public liaison assistant to the White House. Andrew attended his father’s press conference on Thursday.

Published Date: 2020-11-20T22:31:00.0000000Z

3.Late night hosts found Rudy Giuliani’s ‘insane’ press conference meltdown hilarious with a hint of coup

Rudy Giuliani held a press conference about the election, and let’s just say in the history of insane Rudy press conferences, this could be his masterpiece,” Jimmy Fallon said on Thursday’s Tonight Show.

Published Date: 2020-11-20T09:10:00.0000000Z

4.Rudy Giuliani gives voting fraud ‘evidence’ at odd press conference

Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani delivered a rambling monologue Thursday where he asserted ‘massive fraud’ in the election, ‘not a little teeny one.’

Published Date: 2020-11-20T09:05:00.0000000Z

5.Rudy Giuliani Sweats Hair Dye During Outrageous News Conference [Videos]

Another day, another unhinged attack on US democracy, this time fronted by a profusely sweating Rudy Giuliani.

Published Date: 2020-11-20T06:49:00.0000000Z

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