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1savannah guthrie should be fired
Savannah Guthrie should be fired for her performance last night! A sitting President deserves respect. She interrupted him constantly. Her total disdain was so evident. Look on social media everyone…

2savannah guthrie should be fired
On Nov. 29 of last year, it was Savannah Guthrie who broke the news to America that Matt Lauer would be ousted from NBC after sexual harassment allegations arose. “I was terrified,” Savannah …

3savannah guthrie should be fired
Savannah Guthrie kept a tight rein on a controversial town-hall with President Donald Trump that put NBC in the … The moderator should be fired. Reply Report comment. John Thornborrow says …!

4Savannah Guthrie

After Savannah Guthrie tearfully revealed that NBC fired Matt Lauer last November over allegations of sexual misconduct, The Today Show made a lot of changes.But sources claim one move puzzled some staffers and shocked others because of who lost a producer gig and who they chose as a replacement.

5savannah guthrie should be fired
Guthrie reported exclusive details about Osama bin Laden’s death, interviewed Donald Trump about his involvement in the unfounded and racist “birther” conspiracy, and was the first person to announce Matt Lauer would no longer be her cohost when he was fired from the Today show.In her Twitter bio, Guthrie refers to herself as an “Equal opportunity interrupter of non-answerers …

6savannah guthrie should be fired
NBC “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie was criticized by the left and the right on Wednesday following her interview with Nick Sandmann, the Covington High School student at the center of a …

7Ann Curry

Ann Curry fired: Today show fighting for its life against Good Morning America. Ann Curry may be gone and Savannah Guthrie may have officially taken on Ms Curry’s old role as co anchor of the NBC’s The Today show this morning but it seems judging by recent Nielsen ratings and vociferous reader comments viewers are flocking by the droves.

8savannah guthrie should be fired
Savannah Guthrie makes a good case for Joe Rogan as a moderator . Her hostility and aggressiveness is a case study in media hostility to conservatives. Trump did an amazing job calmly taking her on.

9savannah guthrie should be fired
That, though, should really be a minimum standard for a Trump interview; the fact that it isn’t—and that Guthrie and, before her, the likes of Chris Wallace, of Fox, and Jonathan Swan, of Axios, have earned breathlessly-rave reviews simply for challenging the president’s falsehoods—does not reflect well on either the media’s handling of Trump or American interview culture generally.

10savannah guthrie should be fired
The start of the town hall could have easily been a debate between Donald Trump and Savannah Guthrie as the host of Today set a furious pace of questions and follow-ups that set the combative tone.

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1Savannah Guthrie Is Moderating Trump’s Town Hall — Does That Mean She’s a Republican?
Savannah Guthrie has interviewed political figures on both sides of the aisle, but what are her own political views? Here’s what we know.
Published Date: 2020-10-15T22:53:00.0000000Z

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1  Andrew McCabe Called Out: “Why Should Anyone Believe You When You Were Fired From The FBI For Lying”
NBC’s Savannah Guthrie confronts former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, asking him, “why should anyone believe you when you were fired from the FBI for lying.” Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts on the video. Subscribe for the latest on the Democrats’ hypocrisy, media bias and punditry, and coverage …
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