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1scott crossfield accident
Test pilot Scott Crossfield in the cockpit of the Douglas D-558-II aircraft after the first Mach 2 flight on Nov. 30, 1953.

2Albert Scott Crossfield

Scott Crossfield, the hotshot test pilot and aircraft designer who in 1953 became the first man to fly at twice the speed of sound, was killed in the crash of his small plane, authorities said …

3Albert Scott Crossfield

But Crossfield set the Mach 2 record — twice the speed of sound — in 1953, when he reached 1,300 mph in NACA’s Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket. In 1960, Crossfield reached Mach 2.97 in an X-15 …

4Albert Scott Crossfield

Albert Scott Crossfield, 1921-2006. “The most righteous of all the possessors of the Right Stuff.” This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help …

5scott crossfield accident
HERNDON — Famed test pilot A. Scott Crossfield, the first man to fly twice the speed of sound, died when his small plane crashed en route to his home in Virginia. Family members and authorities confirmed the 84-year-old aviation pioneer’s death yesterday, a day after Crossfield’s Cessna was reported missing after dropping from radar about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday over a mountainous section of …

6Albert Scott Crossfield

The NTSB has blamed Scott Crossfield’s death on his own failure to obtain updated en route weather information, and on air traffic controllers for not giving him adverse weather avoidance assistance. The former civilian test pilot took off in his Cessna 210A on April 19, 2006, from Prattville/Grouby Field Airport in Prattville, Ala., and was en route to Manassas, Va., on an IFR flight plan.

7scott crossfield accident
The NTSB has released the final report on the tragic accident that killed famed Aviator Scott Crossfield. … Accident occurred Wednesday, April 19, 2006 in Ludville, GA

8scott crossfield accident
April 19, 2020 Aviation 21057579, A. Scott Crossfield, Aircraft Accident, Albert Scott Crossfield Jr., Cessna 210A, Cessna Aircraft Company Inc., Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket, FAA Type Certificate No. 3A21, Mach 2, N6579X, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Naval Aviator, North American Aviation Inc., North American Aviation X-15, Scott Crossfield, Scotty Crossfield, Teledyne …

9scott crossfield accident
Scott Crossfield is my favorite pilot. Hands down. An aerospace engineer from the University of Colorado, astronuat, test pilot, first pilot to go Mach 2, test pilot for the lifting body (fore runner to the space shuttle), so much more… Has anyone ever seen the crash of the lifting body? That video is downright amazing.

10scott crossfield accident
Albert Scott Crossfield (October 2, 1921 – April 19, 2006) was an American naval officer and test pilot.In 1953, he became the first pilot to fly at twice the speed of sound.He was the first of twelve pilots who flew the North American X-15, an experimental spaceplane jointly operated by the United States Air Force and NASA

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TRIBUTE TO A. SCOTT CROSSFIELD (No. 5 of 5 clips; Scotty went west on April 19, 2006 in an aircraft accident north of Atlanta, GA; he was 84.) Flight number four, resulted in an emergency landing because of an engine fire with structural damage to the fuselage after landing. The X-15 reached MACH 1.00 or 660 MPH and attained an altitude of …
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1Albert Scott Crossfield
Albert Scott Crossfield (October 2, 1921 – April 19, 2006) was an American naval officer and test pilot. In 1953, he became the first pilot to fly at twice… Scott Crossfield

2The Right Stuff (film)
behavior. Major Yeager and friendly rival Scott Crossfield repeatedly break each other’s speed records. Crossfield gets featured on the newsreels for achieving… Right Stuff (film)

3The Right Stuff (book)
some good luck. Another test pilot highlighted in the book is Scott Crossfield. Crossfield and Yeager were fierce but friendly rivals for speed and altitude… Right Stuff (book)