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On April 26th 1944, Sewell L. Avery, the company’s chairman, was notified. Avery was a prominent figure in right-wing, anti-New Deal efforts and was a scion of a powerful lumber family, and thus he refused to move out and went to work the next day as usual.

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Sewell Lee Avery (November 4, 1874 – October 31, 1960) was an American businessman who achieved early prominence in gypsum mining and became president of the United States Gypsum Company (1905–1936). At the beginning of the Depression, he was asked by J.P. Morgan & Co. to turn around the failing Montgomery Ward and succeeded in restoring its profitability by making huge changes.

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After refusing to renew a labor contract with the government during World War II, Montgomery Ward & Co., chairman of the board Sewell Avery is removed from his office by U.S. soldiers. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

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Sewell Avery – St. Marys River, Sault Ste. Marie – August 25, 1970 : More details and photos for: Sewell Avery Fleet: United States Steel – Great Lakes Fleet – Duluth, Minnesota

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On April 26th 1944, Sewell L. Avery, the company’s chairman, was notified. … For more than anything, Hall had to thank the AP for his photo becoming the photo du jour: the AP was the first to transmit the paper, and it was a major news ‘beat’.

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1955 Wire Photo Sewell Avery chairman of the board Montgomery Ward Co This is an original press photo. Sewell Avery, chairman of the board of Montgomery War Co., clasps his hands over his head as he leaves stockholders meeting today an apparent winner over Louis Wolfson in their battle for control of the board of the mail order retail firm.

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1944: The Removal of Sewell Avery Posted on November 29, 2019 by corvusfugit In 1942, in an effort to avoid strikes in war-related industries, Franklin Roosevelt reinstated the War Labor Board and directed it to oversee and arbitrate negotiations between unions and employers.

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1 drawing. | World War II cartoon shows Montgomery Ward head Sewell Avery happily dreaming that soldiers (with trumpets and drums) are carrying James Petrillo, President of the American Federation of Musicians out of his headquarters. Attorney General Francis Biddle, dressed as a drum major, watches. During the war, the government tried to control labor relations in order to promote the …

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In the 1944 photo, Montgomery Ward Chairman Sewell Avery was sitting in his wood executive’s chair on a street in downtown Chicago while being held by two members of what I believe to be the Illinois National Guard; complete with uniforms and helmets. Avery was removed because of his opposition to FDR’s New Deal program.

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executive board consisted of fifty members, including Alfred Sloan, Jr., Sewell Avery, Cleveland Dodge, and Wallage Alexander. They wanted the government to…

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Livestream For a Good Cause". New York. Retrieved April 12, 2019. Avery, Daniel (February 28, 2020). "Court Rules Transgender Man Can Sue Hospital…

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club founded in 1912 by Oscar F. Mayer, W. C. Peacock, P. K. Wrigley, Sewell Avery, and other prominent Chicagoans. At the clubhouse’s dedication, John…

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