Swavy tiktok passed away

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1.Swavy tiktok passed away

“Swavy TikTok passed away.” That was the news that spread on the Internet like wildfire. The TikTok user BabyFace.S AKA Swavy was dead, according to a video and post from an influencer friend …

2.Swavy tiktok passed away

TikTok user Babyface.s aka Swavy dies in tragic shooting Ellissa Bain Matima Miller, a TikTok user best known by his nickname Swavy has died aged 19 after being shot in Wilmington, Delaware on Monday.

3.Swavy tiktok passed away

Babyface.s Death – Dead -TikTok star Swavy aka Babyfaces was shot and killed at Southbridge neighborhood, Wilmington. 19-year-old Matima Miller a.k.a Swavy was fatally shot Monday morning near the 700 block of Elbert Place, according to the Wilmington Police Department.

4.Swavy tiktok passed away

Swavy’s videos on TikTok skyrocketed after being viewed several times by ardent fans. The TikToker also went on to have brand deals and become the brand ambassador of a company. Babyface’s …

5.Swavy tiktok passed away

TikTok star with over 2.2M fans, Matima Miller has died aged 18.Matima Miller aka Babyface.s or Swavy was found shot dead and killed in southbridge neighborhood, Wilmington, Delaware, by the Police on Monday, 5th of July, 2021. ”A 19-year-old man was fatally shot Monday morning near the 700 block of Elbert Place, according to the Wilmington Police Department”

6.Swavy tiktok passed away

Babyface.s, also known as Swavy, was shot and died today, according to a Tiktok post. Babyface.s, 19, was tragically shot

7.Swavy tiktok passed away

Swavy death was confirmed by Damaury on a video. What happened to the Tiktok star? Find Out! In 2020, Swavy had made his debut in Tiktok as @babyface.s Within a year, he racked millions in views and followers with his personality. However, no one had ever imagined that he will meet his unfortunate fate at a young age. He passed away on June 5 …

8.Swavy tiktok passed away

Tiktoker Babyface.s Has Reportedly Passed Away-tiktoker Swavy @Babyface.s tiktok died today Tiktoker Babyface.s Has Reportedly Passed Away Babyface.s was an American Titoker and social media personality who has amazed millions of followers and video views on his Titkok page. Swavy as called by fans rose to fame through Tiktok was popularly known for sharing short-form […]

9.Swavy tiktok passed away

Tiktok Swavy Passed Away, Swavy Death Reason, Pay Tribute to Babyface.s On Social Media, Tiktok Swavy Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Real Name, Instagram, Net Worth

10.Swavy tiktok passed away

Swavy Wiki – Swavy Biography Swavy TikTok has passed away.” That was the news that spread like wildfire on the internet. TikTok user BabyFace.S AKA Swavy has

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1.Swavy TikTok Passed Away Reports: Is Matima Miller AKA BabyFace.S Dead?

Swavy on TikTok is a social media influencer named Matima Miller who goes by the name BabyFace.S. Reports circulated that he is dead. Has he passed away?

Published Date: 2021-07-06T01:32:00.0000000Z

1  TikTok Star BabyFace S Swavy Dead, His Cause of Death and Last Moments Alive
Social media users, especially on TikTok, want to know how did BabyFace Swavy die after some unconfirmed sources reported that the popular American dance content creator on Tiktok passed away at the young age of 18. All rumors kicked off when multiple posts from various social media platforms came to claim that Tiktoker Babyface.s, also known …
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