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1.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Takahiro Shiraishi covers his face inside a police car in Tokyo, in this photo taken by Kyodo November 2017 and released by Kyodo December 15, 2020. KYODO / REUTERS

2.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Takahiro Shiraishi, 30, was found guilty by the Tokyo District Court for the murder of eight women and one man, according to reports. Shiraishi also robbed and sexually assaulted the eight women he murdered, some of whom were minors. Shiraishi used Twitter to lure the women, who shared on the website that they wanted to kill themselves.

3.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Tommy Oliver On HBO Documentary “40 Years A Prisoner” December 14, 2020, 10:24 AM The filmmaker talks with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith on The Sit-Down about the Philadelphia police’s raid on the radical group MOVE and the story of Mike Africa Jr. who did everything to get his mother out of prison.

4.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

He allegedly killed and dismembered nine victims, mostly young women, and in court on Wednesday, Takahiro Shiraishi put all doubts about the accusations to rest. “All correct,” the 29-year-old defendant known as the “Twitter Killer” said, confirming the murder counts against him during his guilty plea in a Tokyo courtroom, per the BBC …

5.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Takahiro Shiraishi told the court he had contacted women via Twitter and other social media platforms who had expressed suicidal thoughts. He then took them to his apartment in Zama, about 25 …

6.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Japanese man Takahiro Shiraishi, 29, pictured covering his face, has been dubbed the ‘Twitter killer’ after he used social media to lure in his victims. He has pleaded guilty to nine murders, but…

7.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Takahiro Shiraishi covers his face with his hands as he is transported to the prosecutor’s office from a police station in Tokyo on November 1, 2017.

8.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Police found the dismembered bodies of nine people inside Takahiro Shiraishi’s apartment outside Tokyo. (AP) “There were bruises on the back of the victims’ heads,” he said in a newspaper interview.

9.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

TAKAHIRO SHIRAISHI, speaking to the police. He said his motives had been sex and money. He is alleged to have choked his victims – whose real names and ages he did not know – until they passed out …

10.Takahiro shiraishi documentary

Yet there’s always room for something unique. Last week, we learned about Takahiro Shiraishi, who was found with the legs, arms, heads and bones of nine people in his apartment near Tokyo….

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El 31 de octubre de 2017, 9 cuerpos desmembrado fueron encontrados en la casa de Takahiro Shiraishi, ubicada en Zama – una ciudad Japonesa. Guardó los cuerpos durante unos meses en la nevera y areneras para gatos. Sus victimas eran mujeres que sufrían de inestabilidad emocional , para manipularlas mas fácilmente. Me apoyarías mucho si …
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